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My Travel Cosmetics | Fashion & Beauty

Hello! So I think this will go up while I'm still away, but I wanted to show you guys my travel cosmetics! I'm spending a week in Ireland to visit friends, and also attending the premiere of the short film I worked on last year. Woo! As I'm only going for a week, I'm only taking a carry on bag (LOL) so needed to seriously streamline my makeup and toiletries to make room for clothes!

The toiletry bag is from Primark, but find something similar here and here. This is super handy to section out all of your items and keep them secure. 

 Keeping my make up choices nice and simple - a good base with that primer and tinted moisturizer, and I need to talk about that foundation that I debuted in my elf haul. It's four shades meant to be blended together to find your perfect shade. I've been using it as a powder contour kit - three of the shades are darker than my skin so I can use them as my contour (using different shades depending on how dark I want to go) and the lightest shade as a setting powder. I was debating whether or not to bring a full coverage foundation, and eventually caved in to packing my old faithful, YSL Touche Eclait Foundation in BD60.

I've also grown accustomed to this Rimmel concealer, it's pretty heavy but if you give it a bit of a warm up between your fingers and work it in well, it blends well. Chucking in an all-purpose highlighter and the nail polish I've been obsessed with, we finish up with the lip stuff.
I thought I'd go for a good mix - the Baby Lips for lounging, a coral for a simple look, nude gloss to jazz up the coral and a bold lip. That Mac lippy is a lot more orange than it looks on camera, which sounds like a criticism but trust me it's glorious. 

1. Bobbi Brown Powder Brush 2. Eyeshadow shading brush (similar here) 3. elf Stipple Brush 4. elf  Studio Blush in Mellow Mauve 5. Collection Super Size Mascara (similar here) 6. Models Prefer Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette (similar here and here) 7. BECCA shimmer eyeshadow (similar shades here) 8. Makeup Revolution Arch and Shape Brow Pencil in Medium 9. Mascara Spoolie for Brows 10. Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Rounding out the make up bits with a couple all-purpose brushes. I actually took out my foundation brush (which is from elf) that you can see in the image above this one, because I had decided not to take foundation, then quickly re-assessed this and shoved it back in after I took this photograph. 

I'm only taking one blusher, which I'll probably regret, but it's a safe pink shade that'll just add a hint of colour. Eyes wise, I'm going with this super old Models Prefer palette and a Becca shadow that I can't seem to find anywhere, but is my favourite - so sad I've just hit pan on it! A quick word on that Makeup Revolution brow pencil - I'm feelin' it. A dupe of a dupe (Anastasia Brow Wiz via Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil) it's £3.50 and does the trick.

1. Face Cloth from Primark, similar here 2. Dove Spray deodorant Original 3. Boots Hair Ponybands 4, Cotton Pads 5. Blistex Moisture Max (similar here) 6. Q-Tips 7. Homemade face/body oil 8. Homemade body spray 9. Immunaid 10. Eyedrops (similar) 11. Crystal 1 Day Contacts
(Not pictured - toothbrush!)
Keeping my toiletries to a minimum here. I'm staying with a friend for the week so don't need to bring shower gel, shampoo etc which is brilliant. I think I've mentioned before I make a lot of my own facial products (I actually don't use anything on my face anymore that I haven't made myself. This oil is a blend of almond, jojoba and avocado, with orange, bergamot and petitgrain. I usually use a separate cleansing oil and facial oil, but for ease and thanks for it being all natural, I can triple this up as cleanser/facial oil/body oil. I also tried my hand at making my own refreshing body spray (same combination of scents as the oil) and it's pretty nice! Let me know if you want a tutorial on how to make your own body and face products! I mentioned in a previous post I would be trying out a product called Immunaid by brand Bimuno, so I'm packing this with me to make sure I stay on top of it.

Philosophy Fragrance in Falling in Love (similar)
I forgot to chuck in the fragrance I'd be taking. I've been using Illamasqua's Freak for some time, but the bottle is a little awkward and this trip is all about streamlining, so I chucked in a handy sized perfume (which doesn't seem to be available any more which is a shame!)

It may sound odd, but I like to pack all my liquid's into my toiletry bag, then take them back out to put them in the clear bag so I know they'll all fit. Especially since I'm taking a carry-on suitcase, I want to put the liquids in my handbag to go through security, then pack it back into my toiletry bag once I've gone through security. Is that odd? Maybe.

What are your travel cosmetic must haves? 

Drea xo

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

New Product Alert - Pretty Nail Polish | Fashion & Beauty

Hello! So at the moment I'm in Ireland having a (probably) lovely rainy holiday. A quick post today to tell you about this polish I picked up recently by a brand called Pretty

So it's a bright neon yellow (I did see another couple of colours like orange) that is truly neon - This looks so good right now while I have a lil tan action going on. You do need about three coats of this to really get the colour going, but it dries incredibly quickly - once you've finished both hands it's already fine to go back in for the next coat.

So you guys are probably wondering - hey how much is it? Where's it from? What's with the mystery?!

I'll kill the suspense - it's from Poundland. Yes. The Paaand Shop. So as you've probably figured out, it was £1. Whaaaat?! *Runs back to grab the other shades*

Drea xo

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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

My ClassPass Experience #HealthyWeek | Home & Health

classpass london
Hello! So for the past while I've been doing #HealthyWeek on my blog (this has of course been longer than a week but we get the idea). I chatted a bit about digestive health and shared my healthy granola recipe and today I'm talking about my experience with ClassPass!

classpass uk
(Photo via
So if you've never heard of it, ClassPass is a gym class membership scheme that allows you attend cool classes all over London. This isn't sponsored, they happened to be offering a two-week trial and a couple friends and I signed up to give it a go. There are so many gyms that are part of this scheme it was hard to pick which ones to go to! Gyms like 1Rebel, Boom Cycle, Hot Pod Yoga, Bikram Yoga London and tons more are signed up to the scheme, so you get a chance to try out really awesome gyms and classes that you wouldn't normally go to. 

I'm gonna talk you through a couple of the ones I went to, and let you know whether I think it's worth it!

(photo via
 Wow! This gym is incredible! So sleek and luxurious, you get handed a towel and water upon entry and directed down to the fitting rooms which are beautiful - a fridge full of cool towels and dressing stations complete with GHD's, blow dryers and cosmetics.
The class itself I did was Reshape, which was INTENSE - sets of treadmill and weights over 45 minutes. I was totally dead afterwards, but it felt amazing! The walls are covered with chalk of people writing down how many times they've been - totally encouraging!


ecole de pole
This was a super fun pole dancing class in Camden. The class sizes are small, and we had a really lovely instructor. I would only suggest doing this if you're going to be able to go ever week as the classes are usually part of a course - so you're learning new moves every week. 
Blues Kitchen Shoreditch
What do you do after an amazing work out session? Run to The Blues Kitchen and fried chicken and sweet potato fries of course!

Bikram Yoga London & Essex
I didn't get a chance to take any photographs here but these were definitely my favourite! Bikram Yoga is incredibly intense, and for someone like me who has really bad flexibility it can sometimes feel impossible, but afterwards you feel incredible. Luckily Bikram Essex is really close to me so it was super convenient.

Pros of ClassPass

 - The variety
- Trying out cool gyms
- Helps beat gym boredom!


- Pretty expensive at £80 per month
- Cancellation policy - if you cancel a class less than 12 hours before the class you're charged
- If you cancel your membership it's a £70 re-activation fee which is crazy!]
- Only available in major cities


I would recommend ClassPass - especially if you get a free trial. Would I pay £80 a month? Probably, but I had to cancel mine as I'm going away for a week so it wasn't really practical right now. I do wish I could start it up again when I'm back from holiday, but that re-activation fee does not sound like fun at all! Definitely give it a go if you get a free trial as it was a super fun experience - and the good thing to come out of it is trying out Bikram, which I think I'll sign up to when I get back!

Have you guys tried out ClassPass or any of the classes I mentioned?

Drea xo

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