Friday, 17 April 2015

Huge ELF Haul! | Fashion & Beauty

So hey guys! Today I have an ELF haul, because they've been having an absolutely ridic sale and I was in need want of new make up so I went. A little. Crazy. On with the haul!

Edit: Sooo whilst trying to find the products I've featured here I made a discovery. As it turns out the reason for the ridic sale is that ELF's UK distribution has stopped, so no ELF in the UK for a while! Apparently they'll be up and running again in a few months, so this one might be more for my US readers, or for UK lovelies to put a few things on their wishlist for later! There's still some items left in the sale though guys!


Flawless Finish Foundation in Almond
I had a little play around with this earlier and I'm getting on with it! I have NEVER found a high street foundation that matched my skin (I wear YSL Touche Eclait Foundation in BD60) but this one seems to be a hit. I'd say it's a fair few shades darker than my skin but blends in really well and leaves me dewy. Couldn't ask for anything more.

Personal Blend Foundation in Dark
This is a pretty cool product, it's a mineral foundation that comes with 4 different shades, and you can tap out a blend to suit your skin tone. I used it more as a setting powder once I'd done my foundation and it seems to be working well. I might use the darker shades as a subtle contour too.

Tinted Moisturizer in Spice
I wanted to experiment with tinted moisturizers as I've never really used them much, I'm definitely an all-or-nothing girl - full foundation or no face make up at all. Hoping to use this to bridge the gap for lighter days!

Studio Tinted Moisturizer in Sand
Another tinted moisturizer I wanted to give a try. I actually played around with this today - I applied a little with my fingers and it has a really pretty, light coverage - more coverage than I thought it would actually. I used it as my base, putting the flawless finish foundation on top and so far so good!


Studio Cream Blusher in Tease
I'm a big fan of a good cream blusher, and this one seems really soft, pretty and subtle - perfect for spring!

Mineral Blush in Plum
I've never used the mineral blushers from ELF, but I've been on the lookout for a warmer, deeper blush as I'm usually a pink kinda gal.

HD Blush in Diva and Showstopper
Wowza! Don't these look amazing! I'm super interested to see how this wonderful purple shade will turn out (a little scared maybe?) I tried out Diva, the fuchsia shade and it is gorge! I blended it in with my ELF stippling brush but warning - a very very little bit goes a long way! I'm talking an actual dot. For both cheeks. 


Mineral Eyeshadow in Golden
Can one ever go wrong with a shimmery gold eye shadow? I think not.

Mineral Lip Gloss in Fierce and Bare
I'm generally pretty impressed with ELF lip products - these two looks pretty wearable and everyday. I tried out Bare and it's lovely and semi sheer - would look great over a lipstick for a build of colour.


 Pointed Foundation Brush
I'm not quite sure why I bought this... Oh! I think I was thinking to use it for under eye concealer. For my foundation I prefer something with a bit more buffing action. The pointed tip suggests it'll help me get right into the hollow of my eyes.

And that's yer lot! Any new make up purchases from you guys? 

Drea xo

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