Sunday, 25 January 2015

TV - What I'm Looking Forward to in 2015 | Film & Producing

Hello! So I'm quite clearly TV obsessed, and quite unashamedly so. This year sees the return of some of my favourite shows, the conclusion of others and some brand new shows that have piqued my interest. I've tried to trim it down a little, but obviously as we've discussed, I'm obsessed. Anyway, on with the list!


The Good Wife - January

The Good Wife is back after its Christmas break! Season 6 has been pretty intense 
so far, can't wait to see where the writers are going to take it over the rest of this season.

Scandal - January

Oh Scandal. How I love thee. I have gushed about Shonda Rhimes 
before but I am so glad the character of Olivia Pope exists. I find Scandal get more 
and more interesting as the seasons go on, and the mid season break left us on a huge 
cliffhanger so I am counting down the days before it comes back!

How to Get Away With Murder

I have been loving this show so far. A new one from my fave Shonda Rhimes, 
this is as high octane as Scandal, with a little murder mystery vibe, a la The Killing. 
If you haven't watched it yet, catch up before it comes back!


Bates Motel - March

Everyone needs to watch this show! One of my 2014 faves Vera Farmiga starts opposite Freddie Highmore (who was fabulous in this little BBC TV film Toast about Nigel Slater's life. I think I'm the only one who ever saw it). Bates is on to season 3, and the fascination of these characters in this world continues to grow. 

House of Cards - February

Okay confession time: I didn't quite get to the end of season 2. I will most definitely be finishing it up before season 3 starts as I need these people in my life: Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood is just the best thing ever. 


Nurse Jackie - April

I am beyond obsessed with this show. Edie Falco is one of my favourite actresses ever and she is quite exquisite as Jackie Peyton - a drug addicted trauma nurse who's middle name should be Pathological Liar. If you haven't seen it before, I suggest you take a couple weeks and go on a watching binge before the final season starts. I'll be so sad to see it go!

Mad Men - April

The saga that is Mad Men is drawing to a close - what a ride! Season 6 part II is hitting our screens in April. I don't know how I'll deal with not having these characters in my life. I've already professed my love of Peggy Olsen, but Sterling! Don! SALLY! Don't leave me guys!

Justified - January

Though I'm not the hugest fan of this show, I'm a fan of Timothy Olyphant, and an even bigger fan of Walton Goggins, and I definitely want to see how the writers are gonna wrap up this pretty interesting bunch of characters. 


Narcos, Netflix. Date TBC

TV show about Escobar? Sign me up!

Schitts Creek, CBC, January

Black comedy sitcom created and starring Eugene Levy.

12 Monkeys, Syfy, January

Adaptation of Terry Gilliam film. Been looking for a sci-fi 
shaped replacement to fill the void Fringe left. 

American Crime, ABC, March

Crime drama tackling race, class, nationality and drugs. 
Looking forward to seeing Benito Martinez on my screen again!


Wolf Hall, BBC, April

Damien Lewis as Henry VIII? Yes please!

Fall is usually when the cream of the crop make their come back, 
and fall 2015 is no different. Expect to see:
The Affair
Ray Donovan
Power (Summer)
Orange is the New Black (Summer)

What have you guys been watching recently? I'm always looking for new shows to watch (not that I need any more!)

Drea xo

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  1. I am so bad at watching television. There are so many things I should watch, even for props research and I don't. I haven't watched any of the programmes you've mentioned, and some of them I haven't even heard of! I would like to watch Mad Men, House of Cards and Once Upon a Time, but instead I'm watching Top Gear and Mythbusters =/

  2. Great list. so many things i'm looking forward to watching. Especially Mad Men. So sad to see it go but excited to see how they will end it.

    Lola xx

  3. Great picks! I love Bates Motel!! Such a good show!


  4. I just watched the first episode of How to Get Away With Murder tonight. It is SO good, totally hooked! ;)


  5. Such a great post lovely. I have just got up to date with Scandal (which I am obsessed with!) and Suits so am looking for a new series. The Goodwife has been recommend a few times so I think I'll go with that :)


  6. I've literally just caught up on S6 Ep19 - LOVE this season and can#t wait to see where else they are taking it. How are you finding it so far? It's by far my favourite show. :)

    Miss Stylicious