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Unlikely Style Icons... Adriana La Cerva | Fashion & Beauty

Unlikely style icons appear as if out of nowhere, quietly carving out a style niche that many overlook in favour of their more classically stylish counterparts. So the Joan Harris' and Olivia Popes', the Cher Horowitz's and Holly Golightlys' and the Rihannas' and the Blake Livelys', step aside. We salute you, but there's something fascinating and inspiring about the offbeat and the obscure - from TV characters to news anchors and everything in between.

Double denim Adriana. Played by Drea de Matteo

Music today is Frank Sinatra's "It was a Very Good Year". Mob classic.
 And also the opening song from season two of The Sopranos. I know my trivia, people.

Oh Adriana. Aside from being possibly my favourite female TV character (apart from Carmela Soprano. And "Nurse" Jackie Peyton. So, Edie Falco basically) and being one half of my ultimate OTP - Adriana and Christopher, she is one of my unlikely style icons. 
Let me preface this for those of you who aren't die hard Sopranos fans like I am. The Sopranos was the grandfather of the modern TV culture we are all enjoying right now. One of the original HBO series (along with Oz and Sex and the City), The Sopranos is a very character driven show centering around the Soprano family, headed by Tony - a panic attack having, duck loving, mobster. Yes, you heard me. Adriana La Cerva is the long time girlfriend of Christopher Moltisanti, Tony's hapless mobster newbie nephew.
What I love about Adriana is her constant sense of occasion - taking out the trash is an event worth tonging her hair for. She is the queen of the early 2000's New Jersey Girl style - big hair, long nails, tight pants and gold. Lot's of gold - Aid doesn't wear clothes, she wears outfits. But she's a simple girl at heart - she won't leave home without her gold crucifix and hoop earrings and that's what I love about her.  

So do you think you have what it takes to be a New Jersey mob girl? Let's take the test:

Ripped jeans and white patent boots? Check. 

Tight white pants? Check.

Colour co-ordinated outfit and Chanel bag? Check.

Pink fur coat? Check.

Mini-skirt/bare midriff combo? Check.

And my favourite? 
Adriana looking every inch the mobsters wife. They remind me of Henry and Karen from Goodfellas - Just perfect. And check out Christoper's revere collar/gold chains combo!

Things I've learned from Adriana La Cerva:
1. It's all about accessories.
2. If it doubt, blow it out (hair speaking, of course)
3. Forget what everyone else says: sometimes you gotta go tight, low cut, cropped and mini.

Who are your unlikely style icons? Check out the first in this series here!

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  1. a very nice post

  2. Great post! I absolutely adore her!

    XO, Erica!

  3. Such a cool post! I gotta check her out! Thank you for the recommendation! :)
    Blonde and Cupcakes.

  4. I love this post! I'm not sure if I'm daring enough to do tight, low cut, cropped AND mini myself though haha.

  5. Haha I could never dress like this! I don't have the guts. I don't think I have an unlikely style icon except that I'd like to dress like some kind of badass assassin which goes against how I actually dress (in a lot of sweaters and floral dresses).

    Aisling |

  6. Love this post idea, so unique! I've never watched the Sopranos before but I want to check it out to see more of her style now!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  7. funny post .... her style is quite out there but each to they're own

  8. I sort of totally get this? I love Drea De Matteo's style on her Desperate Housewives character too, now I'm thinking about it.

    Sammy xo.

  9. great post! i actually love her in arrested development, she's so funny

    from helen at

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  10. I'm on season 4 of Sopranos and I love it! She and Carmela are my favorite characters, too. Her formal fashion is quite nice imo!

  11. This woman is fierce! I wrote a while ago about my unlikely fashion icon: Clarissa Explains It All. I was obsessed with her as a kid and I still am now!
    Cx / Bloglovin

  12. yes! A post about her at last! I thought I was the only one who loved her:D

    (IG @konstantina.a )

  13. Love her hair in the last picture. Old Hollywood waves is my favorite hair style:).