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Still from Hole's Celebrity Skin

Senadee | Robot Love (find him here)
Dir: David Allain

So to celebrate release of Senadee's new single and video Robot Love, a video I had the pleasure of working on at the RANKIN studios earlier this year, I got to thinking about my favourite music videos. I'm a Rock n Roll girl at heart, so when I was thinking of my top five, they all seemed to be alt-rock tracks - mostly from the nineties I also must add. I thought maybe I should switch it up and include some other videos from different genres and eras but I figured hey, this is my list so might as well make it honest, right?

So without further ado, here are my top five music videos, in no particular order:

1. Hole - Celebrity Skin (1998, dir Nancy Bardawil)
What I love about this video is it's raw energy and fun. It has that gloriously nineties girly vibe - glitter, pink guitars and a plethora of women in purple dresses suspended from the ceiling. But it's seriously Rock n Roll too - Courtney and Melissa looking like baroque rock goddesses, Patty slamming away on the drums and Eric ripping into that Fender. And how gorgeous does Courtney look at the end in that red dress?
Fun Fact: I saw Courtney Love perform live in 2009 during her tour for Hole's album Nobody's Daughter. I cried. A lot. 

2. The White Stripes - Blue Orchid (2005, Dir Floria Sigismondi)
The White Stripes had such cool and creative music videos (who remembers Kate Moss pole dancing for 3 and a half minutes?) but this is definitely my favourite - I love that old film feel to it, and practically every frame is a beautiful photograph. I also love how everything is black and white apart from Karen Elson's hair (Mr Jack White has a thing for redheads!)
Fun fact: Jack White and English model Karen Elson met on this video shoot and swiftly got married, had two kids, then divorced. True Rock n Roll love story. 

3. Radiohead - Just (1995,  dir Jamie Thraves)
So I'm kinda a big Radiohead fan. When I say big, I mean BIG. This song just so happens to be on my favourite Radiohead album (The Bends) but that's not why I love this video. I mean, just watch it. To the end. It's incredible. And any eagle eyed Londoners - does this look like a 90s Liverpool St to you?! 
Fun fact: My brother-in-law who is a DJ and music producer once played a DJ set with Thom Yorke in Sydney. I know, I hate him too. 

Nine Inch Nails - Closer (1994 dir Mark Romanek)
This video is like a work of art - it's as if Luis Bunel and David Lynch got together and decided to make a music video. Super creepy, weird and bizarre, its premise being a throwback to a 19th century mad scientists laboratory. Oh, and Trent Reznor looks mighty fine in it.
Fun fact: There's a version of this song on the soundtrack to the David Fincher movie, Se7en - the lyrics "you get me closer to God" are heard right at the end of the opening credits. 

5. Eminem - Stan (2000, dir Philip G Atwell and Dr. Dre)
Oh Stan, how do I count the ways? This video is just perfect to me, Aside from Dido's dodgy acting skills at the beginning, this just pretty much is exactly how I imagined this video. Okay let me explain that, I am a pretty hardcore Eminem fan, and my sister and I used to listen to the Marshall Mathers LP all day every day on repeat. So when this video came out it was pretty much exactly how I had always envisioned it would look - the song lends itself so well to a visual story. And of course it stars the hero of my youth Devon Sawa (of Final Destination and Idle Hands fame).
Fun fact: On Eminem's latest album, aptly titled The Marshall Mathers LP II, he does a sequel to Stan - "Bad Guy", where Stan's little brother Matthew comes back for revenge.

What are some of your favourite music videos? I want to go on a video watching spree!

Drea xo


  1. I love radiohead!

  2. You have such good taste! Just by radiohead is such a good video, and a great song too. There's nothing worse than having an amazing song with a terrible or boring music video, it's like a crime against music!


  3. Amazing taste I found this post to be interesting!:)x x

  4. Oh god, the Closer video gets me every time. Trent Reznor is up there with my biggest crushes ever, I almost died when I met him a few years ago! Love seeing a girl with a varied taste in music like me (my last music post had a Spice Girls cover version and Slipknot...). Thanks for visiting my blog too, you've got a new Bloglovin' follower in me!
    Shopped and Dropped

  5. Brilliant songs as well as videos - love your choices!

    Dinner Stories