Thursday, 5 June 2014

Film + Fashion | The Seventies.

So if you know me, or to be honest even if you've had a brief encounter with me at a bus stop, you will know that I am obsessed with The Seventies. The music, the films, the fashion. Everything. My idea of a good time is scrolling through pictures of Stevie Nicks whilst Led Zeppelin plays softly in the background. The aesthetic influences a lot of the things I do/write/imagine, and film (for overwhelmingly obvious reasons) tends to sit highest on the list of personal influence.

And let me make this clear, I'm not a seventies snob: I will majorly obsess over films set in the seventies, too. Sure, it may not have the same je ne sais quois, but i'll take it. The fashion for me is one of the selling points of this era - glamorous, put together, sexy. Tons of gold, sequins, fur, big hair and palazzo pants. What's not to adore?

So somehow I managed to pick my favourite Seventies films and their respective fashion wins. Believe me when I say this is the streamlined list. But first, press play and say hello to 1976:

American Hustle | 2013 | David O Russell
 Apart from this film being a pure work of genius, good god the fashion! If I were Amy Adams I would have squealed with delight every single day I saw what wardrobe had in store for me - plenty of plunging necklines, shimmer eyeshadow, gold hoops and hair styles that look like they took around 4 hours to perfect and an entire cupboard of products (I'm mainly talking about Bradley Cooper's character there).

Boogie Nights | 1997 | Paul Thomas Anderson
Possibly the greatest movie made about the "Golden Age" of pornography, PTA's Boogie Nights captured the glamour, the destruction and the excess. Guys rocking tight pants and short shorts, gals in daisy dukes
and sunglasses. Heaven.

C.R.A.Z.Y | 2005 | Jean-Marc VallĂ©e
Incredibly funny, poignant and moving (ugh, I hate that word) coming-of-age French-Canadian film about a teenagers struggle with sexual identity in a family of macho men, played out beautifully to the sounds of David Bowie, circa Ziggy era. Check out those bell bottoms!

Anchor Man 2 | 2013 | Adam McKay
Uh, yeah. I went there. Something about the three piece patterned and coloured suits, revere collar-leather jacket combo, and his-n-hers outfits. So glam.

American Gangster | 2007 | Ridley Scott
This image encompasses something I adore about the seventies aesthetic - the distinct colour palette. Earthy tones of yellows, browns, khakis, terracottas and burgundies dominate this era, and American Gangster stays true.

Taxi Driver | 1976 | Martin Scorsese
This just about sums up the entire era in one photograph: Short shorts, tie top, wedges, tote bag, floppy hat, round sunnies: this image could have been straight out of Missguided's S/S lookbook. Never has a film depicted 1970's New York as richly and, well, disturbingly, as Taxi Driver.

Casino | 1995 | Martin Scorsese
And saving the best 'til last, my favourite film, my life's inspiration: Casino. Trust me when I say I tried to streamline the pictures, but short of me posting the entire film on here you had to get the idea. Ginger McKenna and Sam Rothstein are, without doubt, the best dressed couple in film history. Lavish, opulent, downright decadent, Casino really taps into the heart of the seventies gambling gold rush where gold, fine furs and tailored suits were consumed the way you and I might Primark Basics. I adore Scorsese's attention to detail, with every frame its own mini ode to the era. 

Anyone else a fan of seventies chic? Or are there any other eras that tickle your fashion fancy?

Drea xo


  1. How bang on was the 70's fashion?! It's 100% the main era of style rotation, it just keeps on coming back and i absolutely love it. Brilliant post...

    Elisse x

  2. I'm quite miss these movies! x

  3. loved this post!

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  4. Bradley Coopers hair in that movie was a work of art (especially with the cigarette rollers still in). Those plunging necklines are jaw-dropping; I wish I had an occasion to wear something like that.


    Another Beautiful Thing

  5. Well I know what films I'm watching this summer.
    x Justina //

  6. Great Blog, I really like the post and pictures :)

    hugs from germany! xx

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  8. i haven't seen many of these but i'd like to!

    xx fameliquorlove

  9. thanks for film tips! :-))

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  10. Nothing beats a fur coat and floppy hat! The movie Almost Famous flies the flag for all my favourite things about 70's fashion :)

    Christy x
    another weekend without make-up

  11. Thank you for these film tips :) I'm always wondering what to watch
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