Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Drea's Guide to Packing: Part Two!

So this part is all about clothes, shoes and accessories! Now bearing in mind not everything may apply to you here - but going to Hong Kong meant I had to pack with many things in mind: A city break, the sun and heat, and the beach! So if you're spending a week on the beach, take elements of what's in my suitcase and adapt it to suit your needs!

Three pairs of shoes (not including the ones you wear to travel in!) seems like a good number.

*Sandals, £30, Office - Pretty sandals are great in hot weather - flip flops can be uncomfortable when you're doing a lot of walking, and these can double up as a nighttime shoe to wear with your maxi's.
*Wedges, £30, a boutique - Wedges are my heel of choice when I'm in hot weather. If you're an old lady like me and your feet get swollen in the heat  wedges go easy on the feet, and the light fabric on these are breathable and don't make my feet feel trapped!
*Flatforms, £23, Next - These shoes are good for night or day. If you're not going to be doing a lot of walking, these go well with shorts for a casual pretty look, or with a dress at night to hit up a bar or to lounge about. I love lounging when I'm on holiday.


All the boring bits and bobs, that you'll kick yourself if you forget. A towel, PJ bottoms (with the air conditioning on in your hotel, it may get a little chilly!), black shorts and PJ shorts (part of a set, TopShop).
Also include one or two baggy t-shirts and vests for sleeping and hanging out in!


Maxi's are really really great for a hot, city break. Sometimes it feels a little odd walking around in teeny shorts and vests on the tube when people are going to work, so maxi dresses and skirts are great at keeping you cool and feeling comfortable. 
*Coral Maxi dress, £1(!), Primark - I picked up this gorgeous Grecian maxi dress from Primark in Ireland last winter for £1 - gotta love the Primark bargain bin! This is good for a daytime/evening meal, a bar or even a sexy and elegant cover up on the beach!
*Orange maxi dress, £10, H&M - A plain cotton/jersey maxi dress is both comfortable and practical - you can team this with sandals, flip flops, or Converse! The racer back style keeps it sporty and casual and the breathable fabric keeps you cool during the hot summer days. Wear shopping, sightseeing or throw on if you need to run down to the hotel lobby!
*Beige Maxi skirt, £52, American Apparel - This is my absolute favourite maxi skirt that goes everywhere with me! Wear on a night out with wedges and a crop top, or dress down with sandals and a vest for daytime prettiness!


A lightweight cardigan is good for many reasons. Ever been to a shopping mall in a hot country? Air conditioning! Cinema? Air conditioning! Metro? Hotel lobby? Taxis? You get the picture. 
*White shirt, New Look - A baggy white shirt is a safe bet for throwing over t shirts. Pick one with a nice lightweight fabric so as not to stifle you!
*Mint Cardigan, £7, New Look sale - A nice, pretty coloured cardi is a gals best friend. A soft cotton always feels nice against skin that's been in the sun too long - avoid wool, or synthetics as they trap heat and irritate!
*Long crotchet cardigan, £4, Charity shop - This is great to wear at night. Keeps the pesky mosquitoes a bay, can make you feel more comfortable and covered  when out late at night, but all those little crotchety holes let your skin BREATHE!


*Bag, £1, Primark * T-Shirt, gift from friend, Motel * Mint denim shorts, £10, New Look * Sandals, £30, Office*
This is great daytime outfit for shopping, sightseeing, or a nice lunch. How cute is this T-Shirt?! My lovely friend Amanda (who I went to Hong Kong with) got me this from Nasty Gal when she was ordering herself some killer Lita's. Us gapped-toothed babes have fnally hit the map! I bought these New look shorts baggy - there's nothing worse than tight denim in the heat!


*Striped bikini, £8, La Senza sale * Blue bikini bottoms, £2.50, BHS sale * free tote bag from the * White sunglasses, Roxy @ TKMaxx, £20 * Candy stripe Sunglasses, £3, Primark * Aviators, free with Cosmo magazine!*

And finally, the beach! We only planned to go to the beach once or twice, so I only packed one full bikini set and some spare bottoms. You can find some really pretty pieces in the sales - I got this La Senza number when they were, ahem, going under, back in February. My thing is, you're on the beach, surrounded by water and sand, leaving your crap unattended half the time - don't take valuables! I mean, you could take your vintage Ray-Bans and limited edition Marc Jacobs tote bag, but I'd much rather take the free shit I've accumulated over the years.

So there you have it! Throw in a dozen pairs of knickers, bras, socks and a couple pairs of tights and that's your lot! Bear in mind I was planning to stuff my suitcase with brand new clothes so I packed pretty lightly. If you're not planning on doing too much shopping, throw in a few more outfits! Part three is the final installment - what to wear when travelling! What I keep in my hand luggage, how to feel most comfortable and how to move from one climate to another!

Anything you'd add/take away from my suitcase?

Drea xoxo


  1. love those wedges! very nice! wish i was good at packing x

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