Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Drea's guide to packing: Part One!

Hello hello kittens!
Drea's Little Junkyard is BACK in full swing, I'm back from my travels and can't wait to start blogging full time again. I thought I'd start with a packing guide as a few people requested it and I went away pretty early in the year so loads you ladies have your vacations to still look forward to!

I've just come back from spending 10 wonderful days in Hong Kong! What is so great about Hong Kong is you get you have the best of both worlds when it comes to the perfect holiday: hot weather and gorgeous beaches, and bustling city life, great food and great shopping! (Hong Kong and Paris photo diary coming soon). 
This does make packing slightly tricky - getting a balance between practical clothes for hot weather and lots of walking, beach wear and comfy clothes, and bringing your style to one of the street fashion capitals of the world was quite a challenge! 
This isn't a comprehensive guide, but incorporating some of these tips into your own packing and tailoring to your needs might come in handy! Part one is going to be all about Beauty: Toiletries, make up, tools, and must haves!


So this looks like a lot, but trust me it's all essential! I like to keep all my liquids together and in my suitcase to avoid he whole liquid ban hassle. The black vanity bag (behind) can fit everything nicely and guards against any spillage. 

Back Row: Heat defense spray for hair, Superdrug; Sun protection spray factor 10, Ambre Solaire; Shower Gel in Satsuma, Body Shop and Body Butter duo in Acai (in front), Body Shop; Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and Liz Earle face cream (in front); Tanning oil, Avon.
* When your spending all day in 30 degree weather your hair is going to dry out badly. I spray some of this in my hair before leaving the hotel and let it dry in the sun and it keeps my hair from frizzing out and becoming brittle. 
*I guess factor 10 sun protection is pretty laughable but trust me, the fact that I'm using protection at all is an achievement for me.
*A yummy smelling shower gel that's invigorating in the morning but comforting at night is perfect, and Body Shop shower gels are extremely hydrating so air conditioning doesn't leave my skin dry in the morning. It's important to keep moisturized as sun, water, and dehydration can leave your skin feeling less than fighting fit.
*Liz Earle goes everywhere with me, full stop.
*Everyone thinks I'm crazy for spraying oil onto my skin when on the beach, but hey, it means I tan quicker and spend less time in the sun... right?

Middle Row: Make up protector spray, ELF; nail polish remover, Superdrug; Insect bite soother spray, Superdrug.
*Make up protector spray is a must in hot weather to keep your make up from sliding all over the place. It's also great for touch ups throughout the day and to cool your face down!
*A mini nail polish remover always comes in handy - nothing worse than chipping your manicure on holiday!
*Pesky insects (especially mosquitoes) are more than a bother - spending your whole holiday going crazy with itchy insect bites is never fun. I use mosquito and bug repellent before I leave the hotel (not pictured) and carry this with me all day, so if the worst happens and I get bitten, I can soothe it straight away!

Front Row (clockwise): Mini deodorant, Sure; JLO Deseo perfume; Face wipes, Simple; Body wipes, carex; mini toothpaste, Colgate.
*A mini deodorant spray is great to pop in your bag and have on you all day - VERY important in a hot and humid location!
*A nice perfume that is great for day and night!
*Face and body wipes are quick, easy and refreshing! I keep the face wipes in my hand luggage as when you're on a long haul flight (16 hours there, 27 hours back!) it's nice to take your make up off and relax.
*Mini toothpaste because sometimes the hotel toothpaste just doesn't do the trick!


This goes into my hand luggage as I can't have any of my compacts breaking! I go for the two-maximum rule: Only two of one make-up group: 
Two powders - A powder foundation, Illamasqua (centre), and a pressed powder, ELF (far left).
Two Blushers: ELF blush in a warm pink/coral shimmer and Smashbox duo blush (cheating a bit here!)
Two Lips: A red lipstick, Illamasqua in salacious and a brown shimmer lipgloss, Mally Beauty.
Two brushes: My ELF power brush which is use for EVERYTHING, and a Bobbi Brown soft brush for pressed powder.
I also have a primer sample from Benefit as my ELF primer is running low (review on that soon!), a liquid eyeliner, ELF; concealer, Collection 2000; Eye primer, ELF; Eyeshadow palette, Sleek; A bronzer, MUA; eye cream duo, ELF and my glasses and contact lenses case!

I left the mascara I wanted to take in Paris so my friend had to bring that for me, but I try to go very bare make-up wise when I'm on holiday - during the day I tend to only use Primer, eye primer, concealer under my eyes, a light dusting of powder foundation, blusher and pressed powder over the top.


I keep all other bits and bobs in this bag which goes into my suitcase, but doubles up as my  on the go make-up bag. I put all the girly bits and necessities in there, things like hair bands, hair grips, a small nail file and all pictured!

Tune in for part two tomorrow: Clothes, shoes and accessories!

Drea xo


  1. I wish i saw this before my trip away! A guide to beauty essentials would have been perfect as i kept panicing i had forgotten things
    glad youre back

  2. Can't wait to see the Hong Kong pics girly! Glad i saw this post as i'm going to New York at the end of August!

  3. ooo longing for the pictures you are going to show!

  4. This is so useful! Im going on holiday next week and am currently trying to downsize. I have to make about 7 alterations to what Im taking before it will fit in my suitcase!

    Makeup for Biochemists


  5. That's still more make up than I use normally :p looking forward to seeing your holiday snaps and feeling jealous! xx

  6. This was really helpful as I'm going away soon too! I struggle with down sizing on make up & think you've done a great job! Have fun!

    Fyi I'm currently hosting a giveaway on my blog & you're already a follower so thought you might like to enter! Cxx

  7. lovely post and blog
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