Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Two Outfits and a mini Haul...

Children! What's that craic? So I thought I'd say sozzz for the absence with a two outfit posts and a mini haulage. So for the past few weeks I've been working flat out on a film project with my friend Mairead, when we weren't filming we were editing, and in between that I've been sales person of the year (lolzzz) at work. But anywhos, I'm back in the blogging work, I've missed it oh so much.
If you haven't entered my giveaway yet, do so HERE! I've extended the closing date by a week because there's a few other bits and bobs I want to add to the goodie bag! Ramble overrr, outfits!

*top-£FREE-Forever 21*Jeggings-€9-Pennys/Primark-Shoes-£11-New Look

Sorry about these terrible photographs, I took them in my housemates room as I have very little natural light in mine. Casual day time outfit for running around town doing errands, and going to uni. I picked up these jeggings in Pennys/Primark, as I love how jeans look on people but I just hate wearing them, so I compromised with something in between. The top came as a buy one get one free from Forever 21 when buying my fur gilet.

*Mustard shirt-£FREE-Internationale*Skirt-£28-TopShop*Lightbulb necklace-Rings and Tings*Black Watch*£2-eBay*

Gold earrings-£2.50-Afro Hair shop
Make up
Foundation - Sleek New Skin Revive in Latte (640)
Eye liner - MAC gel liner in black
Eyeshadow - Sleek Caribbean Collection palette in Martini
Blusher - MUA in shade 5
Lipstick - Models Prefer/YBF

I wore this on a night out with some pals, and I wore my little cut off denim vest with it:


The vest is from a jumble sale in the East End Thrift Store. It was the weird looking denim dress so I cut it in half, and kept the bottom half as a skirt! The top came as a buy one get one free from Internationale. And oh yeah, I have red hair! What do you guys think?

I looked around the shops yesterday and found a few cute items!

The shirt is from Enable Ireland, a charity shop in Galway town. It was £2.50 and such cute colours. I think I might cut the sleeves off!

I bought these to match with my black rubber bracelets with spikes on them. They, along with the gold cuff were on sale in TopShop for €1.50 each!

How pretty is this little plate? I bought four of them from Enable Ireland, at 30 cents per plate!

Thus concludes the mammoth post. Oh one more thing!

My pal Mairead and I tackled the photobooth at one of the clubs in town, Roisin Dubh. 
Disclaimer: We had a substantial amount of beer and tequila on board at this point.

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Drea xoxo 


  1. Looks like your having a great time!
    Really cute outfit :)

  2. Love your forever 21 horse top, and that amazing pink shirt. I thinkj it will look awsome witth the sleeves cut off.

  3. How'd you get so much buy one, get one free?! Hair looks amaze red.

  4. your outfits are cute! & love the stuff you bought, especially the plate :) x

  5. i feel like every time i start to follow a blog i like they stop posting for a while. so i'm glad youre back!

  6. Loving the horse top from the first outfit!

    e x

  7. Love the shoes and stipy skirt (I have a very similar skirt to this) xx

  8. I love your stripey skirt! Looks great with your blouse and denim too! xx

  9. I love your outfits! Haha drunk photobooths are the best ;) Following!


  10. Your hair looks absolutely stunning! Suits you so much xo

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  12. great outfits!the last shirt is perfect!

  13. ugh i adore your hair



  14. Love these two outfit and your new bought rubber necklace!:)

  15. I love the second outfit, the colours are really popping! :)

    xo Joana

  16. Thank you for your lovley comment, it actually made my day :D I'm following you now. I looove your hair, and what great finds in Topshop, can't believe that cuff was in the sale when they're still really on trend!

  17. Firstly, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog girl, truly appreciated ^^.

    And secondly I love your stripped shirt, it's so pretty and the cuff O.M.G. I wantz it :)


  18. Very nice looks. Love your first top! :)

  19. oh, a lot of great clothing here!

  20. That second outfit is sooo cute! I love the mustard top and striped skirt!

  21. love the boots.
    twitter- @adoramehitabel

  22. I like your navy skirt!!
    If you have time, I'd love to know your opinion of my fashion blog. It's all about my style between Barcelona and Paris! :)

  23. lovely hair!! and love the horse top and diy vest-such a good idea! xx

  24. Oh, I love your piercing <3 Looks so awesome!

  25. sweet photos, sounds like you had a great time, kisses

  26. I'm in love with both outfits, your haul, your hair and your piercing. You're super pretty! Glad I stumbled across your blog. I'm a new fan!