Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Makeup tutorial: tropical cocktail eyes AND giveaway winner announced!

Hey kittens,
Sorry for the long absence again (averaging one post a week, the horror). Swamped with work, blah blah.
Anyway, the time has come for me to reveal the winner of my goodie bag giveaway... it's Lydia from Fashioninflux! Congrats girl!

I'll be doing more giveaways because they're exciting, and I maaay be doing an extra special post Hong Kong one - loads of goodies in store!

Onto business. This is a brand new segment I like to call... "I-put-things-on-my-face-and-you-tell-me-if-you-like-it."

I love playing around with eyeshadows so I thought I'd do a quick tutorial on how I got this look:


I used (clockwise):
Sleek Palette: Caribbean collection
MAC gel liner in black
Illamasqua liquid metal in Enrapture
MAC False lashes mascara in Black
Bobbi Brown blending brush (from a collection)
Bobbi Brown tapered liner brush (from a collection)
Illamasqua medium pencil in grey (not pictured)

The shades I used were:
Martini (shimmer white)
Tequila sunrise (orange)
Screwdriver (yellow)

1. Start by applying a little concealer or eye primer onto the lid (I used Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer) 

2. Using the blending brush, sweep the lightest shad onto the enter lid, taking it up to the brow bone (I like to use a brush to get an even, light sweep. The spongey applicator sometimes deposits too much product at this stage.

3. Now using the sponge applicator, dab more of the light shade in the corner of your eyes, sweeping outwards to about half way across the lid.

4. Clean your blending brush (by swirling on some tissues or back of your hand) and using a small amount of the medium shade (in this case, the yellow) apply to the centre of your lid. I do this in in an  upward position, and blend slightly outwards to avoid a sharp line.

5. Clean the brush again and take the darkest colour across the rest of your lid, the crease, and as far out as you want the wing of your eyeliner to go. I also take it up over the crease lightly. Again, blend into the yellow.

6. Go back and add more yellow and white using the sponge applicator if needed. The blending brush can be used to just dust away any excess off the lid.

7. I used the liquid metal by dabbing onto the orange with my pinkie finger to add some shimmer and more golden hues 

8. Apply eyeliner, I tend to always do a winged liner, which I toned down slightly here so it wouldn't be too over the top.

9. I used a dark grey liner on the bottom outer lash line, to define my eyes but not be too overpowering.

10. One coat of mascara so my lashes stand out against the shadow and voila!

I kept the rest of my makeup pretty low-key, foundation, under-eye concealer, brow pencil, some peach toned blusher and vaseline on my lips!

What do you guys think?

Drea xoxo


  1. your eyes look fab, I really need to try this look :) xx

  2. Gorgeous look. Really want a sleek palette! xx

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I love this sleek palette the colours are fab! xx


  4. Gorgeous make up! Am so tempted to try a Sleek palette now!

    Marie x

  5. So pretty! Trying new makeup is fun. Yellow/gold really suits you. :)

    xx bec

  6. Wow, you have such talent! This looks amazing! I'm so clueless when it comes to makeup so your blog is so refreshing to me.

    xx Missy

  7. Gorgeous <3 Love the combination of colours

  8. I like your post so much! This palette is are really gorgeous and you're a great make up artist!!
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  9. such a stunning look. i think this would look fab with an 80s theme going on.. turquoises or purples maybe! S.x x www.theraspberrybranch.blogspot.com

  10. really like this look!! thanks for the compliments on the header. We're not sure if it looks better, so your comment really helps!

  11. Yayy so happy ha! This is so lovely, really suits you x

  12. Oh wow, fab! I'm always lazy about wearing eyeshadow cos of my glasses :( You look awesome though.

  13. this post makes me want to go and experiment with eye colours! lovely blog :)


  14. awww so so pretty! amazing colours, and that palette is amazing! I never experiment with make-up-think I may have to now! very inspiring xx

    Amazing look and I reckon it'll look fantastic with the turquoise color too~

    xx, Maria Veronica

  16. I love it. It's beautiful!

    BTW followed your lovely blog. I hope you can follow me back =)


  17. You're very nice! Love your makeup! :)

  18. Wow it looks awesome and your hair looks great
    NRC ♥

  19. your make up looks gorgeous! I'd love to be able to do eyeshadow like that....I've tried a few times and it didn't look to great haha x