Sunday, 29 April 2012

Week (or so) in Instagram pictures!

Haay, how is everyone? I've had a hectic week, moving back to England and trying to settle back in, so I've been a little slow on the blogging front. The good thing about being back in London is I'll have more time and space to take photographs, go to events and do some proper shopping! So loads of posts planned for the next while, and my whizz of sister will be helping me out with a complete blog revamp! 

So here are just a few pics from the past week!
Twitter: @andrea_olufemi
Instagram: dreasjunkyard
Pintrest: dreasjunkyard

*LtoR* Grey nails, polish from Primark (£1); Coole park woods, County Galway; pretty tree, grey clouds! Galway; Whiskey sours.
*LtoR* My successful fire making attempt; lil Zachy having a swim; Four Rooms procrastination; procrastination reward.
*LtoR* NARS polish in "Schiap"; Yummy fruit salad; night time snack and movie; grumpy 7am face for my flight!

Drea xoxo

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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Why am I so broke?!

Sup kids,

So I've been totally broke forever, and it's killing my soul. In order to satiate my fashion and beauty hunger, I've been doing some window... wait, what do you call it when you're only browsing online? Screen shopping? Semantics. These are the things I'm planning on blowing my student loan on when it rolls in next month.

Topshop, £80

How gorgeous are these bad boys? So girly and summery (yes this is my idea of girly). I'm thinking super short white or floral dress to go with these.

RedRock, £21 (click for a link!)

So I did a post on RedRock  HERE and I pretty much love EVERYTHING on their website. Like. For real. But I'm really loving this fringed crop top. It would look so cute with a high waisted bandage skirt or leggings.

Missguided, £25.99

How friggin cute?! These are just the most adorable things ever. And omg guys, with the fringed top above...?

Zara, £39.99

This wouldn't be something I'd normally be drawn to, but I need some more casual/smart day dresses. I love the way it hangs and would look equally nice with sandals, wedges, or very simple beige ballet pumps.

Lipstick in Eurydice, £15.50 and precision ink in Scribe (white), £17.50

Mouth watering! This was added to the Human Fundamentalism line a few days ago, and it's described as a bright fuchsia pink with a matt finish. It reminds me of Nars' Pink Schiap which is my favourite shade ever.
I've had my eye on the precision ink since it was launched a few months ago. What can I say? It's hot.

YSL Saharienne Eau de Toilette, £48

I'm obssessed with YSL perfume, Parisienne, Opium and Belle d'Opium are three of my favourite scents, and I'm loving Saharienne! I always have a cheeky spray of it when I'm at the YSL counter and this is definitely the next perfume I'm getting my mitts on!

What do you guys have your eyes on?

Oh, totally forgot, I'm coming back to London next week! I'm so excited :) I love Ireland, but I can't help but feel like I can get more done in London - blogging wise, shopping wise, and not-lying-in-bed-all-day wise!
Also, what do you guys think about me making videos? I've been contemplating for a while, mainly OOTD's, hauls, top tens and such. Let me know if you think you'd watch, and what you'd want to see!

Love you all,

Drea xoxo

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Makeup tutorial: tropical cocktail eyes AND giveaway winner announced!

Hey kittens,
Sorry for the long absence again (averaging one post a week, the horror). Swamped with work, blah blah.
Anyway, the time has come for me to reveal the winner of my goodie bag giveaway... it's Lydia from Fashioninflux! Congrats girl!

I'll be doing more giveaways because they're exciting, and I maaay be doing an extra special post Hong Kong one - loads of goodies in store!

Onto business. This is a brand new segment I like to call... "I-put-things-on-my-face-and-you-tell-me-if-you-like-it."

I love playing around with eyeshadows so I thought I'd do a quick tutorial on how I got this look:


I used (clockwise):
Sleek Palette: Caribbean collection
MAC gel liner in black
Illamasqua liquid metal in Enrapture
MAC False lashes mascara in Black
Bobbi Brown blending brush (from a collection)
Bobbi Brown tapered liner brush (from a collection)
Illamasqua medium pencil in grey (not pictured)

The shades I used were:
Martini (shimmer white)
Tequila sunrise (orange)
Screwdriver (yellow)

1. Start by applying a little concealer or eye primer onto the lid (I used Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer) 

2. Using the blending brush, sweep the lightest shad onto the enter lid, taking it up to the brow bone (I like to use a brush to get an even, light sweep. The spongey applicator sometimes deposits too much product at this stage.

3. Now using the sponge applicator, dab more of the light shade in the corner of your eyes, sweeping outwards to about half way across the lid.

4. Clean your blending brush (by swirling on some tissues or back of your hand) and using a small amount of the medium shade (in this case, the yellow) apply to the centre of your lid. I do this in in an  upward position, and blend slightly outwards to avoid a sharp line.

5. Clean the brush again and take the darkest colour across the rest of your lid, the crease, and as far out as you want the wing of your eyeliner to go. I also take it up over the crease lightly. Again, blend into the yellow.

6. Go back and add more yellow and white using the sponge applicator if needed. The blending brush can be used to just dust away any excess off the lid.

7. I used the liquid metal by dabbing onto the orange with my pinkie finger to add some shimmer and more golden hues 

8. Apply eyeliner, I tend to always do a winged liner, which I toned down slightly here so it wouldn't be too over the top.

9. I used a dark grey liner on the bottom outer lash line, to define my eyes but not be too overpowering.

10. One coat of mascara so my lashes stand out against the shadow and voila!

I kept the rest of my makeup pretty low-key, foundation, under-eye concealer, brow pencil, some peach toned blusher and vaseline on my lips!

What do you guys think?

Drea xoxo

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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter Weekend.

Hey Kids.
My Goodie Bag Giveaway is now closed! Thank you to everyone who joined, the winner will be announced later this week!
I had a very pleasant Easter Weekend with my friend Mairead and her family. We were supposed to go an island called Inishbofin off the coast of Connemara, but the weather was too crappy and no boats were running.
Fresh from our disappointment of spending the evening in island pubs sampling the Guinness and gazing at Island hunks (Bofin is known for it, apparently), we went instead down to County Clare for some sightseeing, beach running, seafood and we got our pint of good Irish stout.

*Hat-topshop*Snood-Primark*Parka-Vero Moda*Satchel-Primark*Thigh high socks-American Apparel*

What did you guys get up to for the Easter break?

Drea xoxo

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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Two Outfits and a mini Haul...

Children! What's that craic? So I thought I'd say sozzz for the absence with a two outfit posts and a mini haulage. So for the past few weeks I've been working flat out on a film project with my friend Mairead, when we weren't filming we were editing, and in between that I've been sales person of the year (lolzzz) at work. But anywhos, I'm back in the blogging work, I've missed it oh so much.
If you haven't entered my giveaway yet, do so HERE! I've extended the closing date by a week because there's a few other bits and bobs I want to add to the goodie bag! Ramble overrr, outfits!

*top-£FREE-Forever 21*Jeggings-€9-Pennys/Primark-Shoes-£11-New Look

Sorry about these terrible photographs, I took them in my housemates room as I have very little natural light in mine. Casual day time outfit for running around town doing errands, and going to uni. I picked up these jeggings in Pennys/Primark, as I love how jeans look on people but I just hate wearing them, so I compromised with something in between. The top came as a buy one get one free from Forever 21 when buying my fur gilet.

*Mustard shirt-£FREE-Internationale*Skirt-£28-TopShop*Lightbulb necklace-Rings and Tings*Black Watch*£2-eBay*

Gold earrings-£2.50-Afro Hair shop
Make up
Foundation - Sleek New Skin Revive in Latte (640)
Eye liner - MAC gel liner in black
Eyeshadow - Sleek Caribbean Collection palette in Martini
Blusher - MUA in shade 5
Lipstick - Models Prefer/YBF

I wore this on a night out with some pals, and I wore my little cut off denim vest with it:


The vest is from a jumble sale in the East End Thrift Store. It was the weird looking denim dress so I cut it in half, and kept the bottom half as a skirt! The top came as a buy one get one free from Internationale. And oh yeah, I have red hair! What do you guys think?

I looked around the shops yesterday and found a few cute items!

The shirt is from Enable Ireland, a charity shop in Galway town. It was £2.50 and such cute colours. I think I might cut the sleeves off!

I bought these to match with my black rubber bracelets with spikes on them. They, along with the gold cuff were on sale in TopShop for €1.50 each!

How pretty is this little plate? I bought four of them from Enable Ireland, at 30 cents per plate!

Thus concludes the mammoth post. Oh one more thing!

My pal Mairead and I tackled the photobooth at one of the clubs in town, Roisin Dubh. 
Disclaimer: We had a substantial amount of beer and tequila on board at this point.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway here

Drea xoxo 

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Hello cherubs, I've been an awful blogger the past few weeks, just been so snowed under with work and uni! But I'm back. I'm also extending my giveaway for another week, as there's a few other bits I want to get for the goodie bag that I've not been able to!
Bear with me guys, I'll be back to my normal blogger self ASAP. I'd
Love to hear what you guys want to see from my pblog - more OOTD's? More reviews? Videos?
Outfit post coming up tomorrow, stay tuned!

Drea xoxo

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