Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Marni for H&M and crawling on the floor begging for forgiveness.

Now, I was gonna get back on here and be all normal like I hadn't been on a WEEK AND A HALF long hiatus (really doesn't seem that long now) but I thought I'd say sozzz babezzz, totally unacceptable - I've missed everyone! 
On to business, Marni for H&M launches tomorrow - eeeek!! I'm so excited, such a shame I came back to Ireland yesterday so can't elbow people in the face in Oxford Circus to get my mitts on some pretty things, and a 3 hour coach trip to Dublin seems a tad O.T.T, so I'm gonna be logged on at 9am to swipe some goods from the online store (please server, don't crash!). Now, what to buy...?

I have one item from Marni in my wardrobe already, a gorgeous silk printed bra I nabbed from a Net-A-Porter sale, but now I have the chance to add to the collection.

I've narrowed down my faves:

Leather Sandalette - £69.99
DROOL, these shoes are actually amazing, my three favourite things - leather, wood and a nice chunky heel. I have problems.

Colour block dress - £59.99
So pretty and sixties, I need more blue in my wardrobe!

Jumper - £79.99
Patent leather panel. Need I say more?

Leather silver sandals - £39.99
A new take on the Roman sandal. These would look hawt with a midi skirt.
Large leather bag - £59.99
Been on the market for a large leather bag. So smart and clean.

Large sequin collar - £19.99
I really want a detachable collar, not a massive fan of sequins but these seem quite matte.

So chicas, what should I got for?! I figure I can only afford one item so I want to decide now to avoid the awkward "oops I have 6 things in my basket must get them all" dilemma tomorrow. I'm leaning towards the leather sandalettes, because, well, I don't think I can know they exist and not have them. But that dress! And how cute would the silver sandals look paired with it? Someone help!

Drea xoxo

P.S. Keep your eyes open for my fabulous Giveaway coming soon!!


  1. i love the sandalette (what even is a sandalette?) and the jumper... and the collar. oh god they are all fabulous.

  2. Get the sandalette or the bag. If you can only get one piece go for something practical that you can get a lot of use out of. Good luck tomorrow! xx

  3. I've also got my eye on the collar and those heels are amazing <3 xx

  4. Replies
    1. I got a big fat NOTHING. Made the terrible mistake of checking my bank balance just before buying, had a sudden bout of guilt. At this point I think I should have taken my chances with my rent money...

  5. I need to get in on this, there's a pair of trousers and matching top I want. X x

  6. Argh I had to wait online all day on H&M in a queue! It was soooo annoying. I know it is a bit late now but I'd have gone for the shoes or the dress! What did you end up getting in the end? Hopefully it WAS all the 6 items, treat yourself! ;)

    Gemma x

  7. I have tagged you in my 11 questions post xoxoxox

  8. ohh the sequin collar is gorge! plus that jumper is insane. i love when H&M partner's up with designers.

    Paolina Alexandra Russo

    Check me out!

  9. I really really like the dress!

  10. This collection looks amazing, especially the shoes!xx