Friday, 24 February 2012

Just a Quick Note.

Hello cupcakes.
I do apologise for my hiatus (okay, I know it's only been like 5 days but it feels like a lifetime!). I am currently back at home in the big Schmoke - I've missed you London! I'm going to London Fashion Weekend today and have a rammed packed weekend (without my laptop, sob sob) but rest assured I have a TON of posts planned, including a MASSIVE - and I mean MASSIVE collective haul of all the things I've had sent home all snapped by my shiny new camera!

And I'm over 100 followers! THANK YOU BABIES! I've only been doing this blog for 2 months and it really means the bloody world to me. And since I didn't do my giveaway at 50 followers, I have some VERY interesting things planned... I want to tell you, but you're gonna have to keep your eyes peeled (*cough* The 1st of March *cough*)

I'm also thinking about doing videos. Should I do videos? Will ya watch me? Will ya?

Okay I'm losing my mind and dying of a cold.


Drea xo

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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Outfit Post: Two for the Price of One

*Top-£FREE-Forever 21 sale*Shorts-£10-Primark*Shoes-£24-ASOS Sale*Bird Print Scarf-£4-Primark*Parka-£40-Vero Moda*

Aloha kittens, hows everyone's weekend's been? Yesterday I went to go get my hair did, and what a gloriously sunny and fresh day I thought, until I started walking to town. Then it hailed. Severely. Just as I was walking past the river (so it was horizontal hail). Naaaice.
Anyways, this top came as a Buy One Get One Free with my leopard fur gilet seen HERE. I love horses, and the print is great against the yellow. I thought I'd continue with the animal theme with this chiffon-style scarf I bought in Primark a few weeks ago.
I ducked into a few charity shops while I was waiting for my hair appointment and I bought two pretty little items (the photographs are a bit dodgy I'm afraid!) 

Leopard print blouse - £3

Floral top - £2

Me and my pal Hannah decided we need a night out drinkin 'n' dancin, so we headed out to town in the evening. I wore the floral top, which turned out to be quite a pretty little thing!

**NB** I took these photographs after I came in. At 3.30am. You can actually see the empty vodka bottle. Just a warning.

*Floral top-£2-Charity shop*Leggings-£3-Primark*Belt-H&M*Clogs-£5-New Look sale*'Wings' ring-£4.50-Rings and Tings.

Anyone have any good charity shop purchases recently?

Drea xoxo

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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Inspirations: Boardwalk Empire


I'm a HBO addict. I make no bones about it. Oz, The Sopranos, The Wire. Hell, even Sex and the City. I started watching Boardwalk Empire about a week ago and I'm hooked, as I knew I'd be. Not only is the script wonderful, the cast and producers are some of TV's most prolific players (including Steve Buscemi - the love of my life, Terrence Winter - writer and producer of The Sopranos, and Mark Wahlberg as producer, who seems to have his finger in ever TV pie).
What struck me straight away was the beautiful lighting, cinematography and costume. The style and attention to detail is impeccable. Set during the 1920's and 30's during the prohibition era, the men and women pay such close attention to not only their clothes but to their accessories. Bow ties and pocket squares on the gentlemen, and hats, gloves, furs and pins on the ladies.
Gorgeous hand beading, sumptuous feathers and fine furs galore. I could watch it for the glorious fashions alone.

**Fashions favourites**
 Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) for his pocket carnations, checked coloured suits, and perfectly slicked hair.
Lucy Danziger (Paz La Huerta) for her sultry outfits of slinky silks, sexy stockings, all wrapped up in fur.

What do you guys think? Have you watched Boardwalk Empire?
And what can you recommend for my next TV show?!

Drea xoxo

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Outfit Post: Everybody in the Whole Cell Block

*Multi-striped top-£12-Forever 21*Pleated beige skirt-£4-New Look sale*Vintage Prada Bag-£40(!!)-Portabellos, vintage shop in Galway*Socks-Primark*Shoes-Mums!

Hello hello followers, both new and old. Howz it gowin? [suppose to be a Dublin accent. Do ignore me].
How has everyone's weekend been? Mine's been lazy, was meant to do my Sunday cinema routine today but woke up with the weirdest stomach ache so buried my head under the covers until 3pm. I took a stroll around town instead!
I love this skirt - the shape and pleats is really 50s style and I'm a sucker for anything beige - at £4 it was a necessity. I feel like I should be being flung around in the dance off in a Biker bar somewhere. And the top is pretty much a staple now - I like how the stripes look like they've been drawn with crayons!

During my stroll I did a bit of buying (surprise surprise). I found this gem of a bag in a Vintage shop called Portabellos in town. My jaw literally dropped when I saw the price! Now am I being naive into thinking this bag is real? Here's the evidence - a) Shops can't sell fake merchandise, that would be very illegal, b) the lining, tags and stamps are perfect - you can usually tell on the inside if it's a phony.
What do you guys think?

 I also did my usual peruse of the Primark €1 rail and I found this beautiful coral maxi dress!

Can't believe it was only €1!! Naturally I bought two, cos I'm just that kinda gal (ahem, gonna sell one on ebay, ahem).
And I must confess, I blew my spending limit waaay out of the water with a MASSIVE haul on American Apparel online. I got an email about a 90% off sale and I could help it! I may have also picked up something for my giveaway... ;)
I got it delivered to my home in England so I won't get my hands on it for another 10 days, so the giveaway is coming soon!!
Anyone bought anything pretty this week?

Also, I'm on Pinterest! Check mine out HERE!

Drea xo

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Outfit Post: I Just Wanna Get Along

*Red velvet dress-£12-Topshop Sale*Green shimmer cardi-£20-Topshop Sale*Spike bracelets-£4.50-Topshop sale*

*Necklace-£1-Primark*Pink ring-£1-New Look*Wings ring-£3.50-Rings and Tings*Mint green bag-£1-Primark(!)*

Crazed Expression-Priceless.

Howdy, how is everyone? How is the snow in England?! I hate snow, and I make no bones about it! It's actually very mild in Ireland so I'm hoping England takes up suit and turns mild before I go home in two weeks. Last night I went out for a birthday to a silent disco - have you guys ever tried it? You get headphones and two different channels playing different music. It sounds like it would be a very lonely experience but it's actually really fun - you always get someone flicking your headphones over to the next channel if a choon comes on.

I'm actually obsessed with this dress. It's great for night or day depending on make-up/accessories. And how cute is this bag?! Primark in Galway have the most beautiful thing called the €1 bin and I fished this beauty out - just so happens to be perfect for the season!

The 'Wings' ring is my new fave. I got it from this website, which I plan to do a post on later this week.

Post title - "I Just Wanna Get Along" by The Breeders
How do people come up with their post names? I think I might just pick a song I'm listening to.

NB: I'd just like to point out that my entire outfit - accessories included - comes in at under £40! God I love a bargain.

Drea xo

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Monday, 6 February 2012

Inspirations: BDSM

Agent Provocateur 

**Word to the wise, this post is eeeever so slightly NSFW. Be warned!**

Okay so I have a fascination with all things BDSM (which stands for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism), and its link to the fashion world. I mean, how many collections have we seen with nods to this subculture - leather, latex, cuffs, corsets - even rope.

Us women already have a fixation with bondage it seems - the more uncomfortable the better: body-con dresses, fetish type platform shoes - we naturally find things in which to restrict ourselves with. But I don't think BDSM is about restriction really - it's about discipline. I mean there's something so interesting about the straight lines, the restraint, the poise, the composure, the discipline. 
What I love is the power of it - and don't think for a second it's the men who hold all the power in this game.
Of course, BDSM has had a long history. From the Parisian training retreats spoken of in The Story of O (which is a fabulous novel by the way), to the writings of Marquis de Sade, fetishism has long been a fixture of literature and popular culture.
Nowadays, we have a whole litany of models and performers - Dita Von Teese who is something of a darling in the fashion world, fetish model and adult performer Skin Diamond who's pink hair and undercut makes her stand out of the crowd, the ladies favourite adult performer James Deen (if you're on Tumblr, you know exactly who I'm talking about) and there's something about seeing Princess Donna teetering around in black Jeffrey Campbell Lita's, whip in hand, that is oh so fashion.

Bettie Paige

Dita Von Teese 

 Alexander McQueen Bra and Shoes

Agent Provocatuer

The Upper Floor

James Deen (right)


The ring of O

Princess Donna

Skin Diamond

Amanda WK (left and below) and Skin Diamond

Secretary, film

Images from and

Drea xoxo

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