Thursday, 5 January 2012

Inspirations: Alison Mosshart

I've decided to post the women and men who inspire me most: in fashion, film, music, as people and sometimes all of the above. First up is Miss VV - one half of The Kills, and front woman of The Dead Weather (two of my favourite bands).

Words cannot explain how much I adore this woman. I've seen her live five times (twice with The Kills, three times with Dead Weather) and she is phenomenal. Sexy and aggressive, her powerful vocals and great guitar skills are match only by her full throttle, white knuckle performances.
Her style is something I've admired: her themes are western, desert, 60's rock and roll, and boho. It's no surprise she's into vintage cars - I can just see her driving through the Mojave desert in a classic drop top Cadillac, cigarette in mouth and drumming the dash along to Led Zeppelin.

Her Wardrobe: Jet black skinny jeans, ankle cowboy boots, plaid, leather ponchos, and her trademark leopard print cardigan.
Where to find her: Hanging out in East London, chain smoking on a fire escape, diet red bull and vodka in hand.
Who she's with: Noel Fielding, Sienna, Kate, Lily Donaldson and of course her leading men - Jamie Hince and Jack White.


  1. I LOVE her rock star style, so effortlessly cool. Such an inspiration.

  2. she has such amazing style!
    she looks so effortlessly cool in her outfits

  3. Her style is so unique, she makes it look so easy too!

  4. cool outfit inspiration in this post. Im Following you!!