Saturday, 21 January 2012

Casual Saturday and London Fashion Weekend!

T-Shirt-£12-Forever 21*Shorts-£10-Primark*Leggings-Primark

Hi-hi-hi. Today I ran a few errands in town, going to the salon etc. As a reward for enduring the most painful wax of my LIFE (seriously, I don't know what happened there!) I went on a MEGA spending spree iiiiin Primark. I dropped some serious dollar (£21.50 to be exact):

2 each

Black jumper reduced to €3

Stripey jumper reduced to €4

Sunglasses €1.50 and leopard earrings reduced to €1!

I got a few other bits and bobbins like eyelashes and €1 vests. Gotta love the €1 rail in Primark (or Penny's as they call it in Ireland - I still find this strange).

On a different note, calling all Londoners*!!!

*and surrounding counties of course!

Literally squealed in delight when I realized I'd be back in London for this! The tickets are a tad pricey (£40 for a goodie bag, discounted shopping, and 40min catwalk show) but I must go!! Will probably go it alone, but if anyone out there is attending let me know and we can, ya know, hang out and junk :)

Go have a look HERE.

I also should have my beautiful new bridge camera by then, as this bad boy is on its last legs!

So, who's gonna go to the London Fashion Weekend??


  1. I love your new purchases !

    PS: Don't forget to join my international giveaway with Vedette Shapewear :) I am sure you'll love the prizes ! xx

  2. I love Primark and how you can enter the store without wanting to buy anything and always leaving with something. Love your t-shirt ;)
    Check out my blog if you'd like :)

  3. liking the simplicity, and nice haul!
    CMPang x

  4. love the sunnies & earrings! x

  5. such a cute outfit! I love your blog!


  6. cool purple sunglasses!

  7. You're franch is good. Better than my english ;p

    Thank you and see you soon ;)

  8. Cute buys! I am wishing I could be in London for Fashion Week!

  9. I love your blog! I followed! I would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much!


  10. will most definitely be going to lfweekend!
    probably alone too ... haha
    lovely outfit& blog followed!
    mantenso xx

  11. really nice Outfit, nice haul... and i like your Blog too

    You have a new follower :)

    check out my new Blog and follow me too if you like..:)


  12. SUCH an adorable blog! Happy to have found it! Love all of your finds here! The stripes are fab!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.

  13. Wow you got some bargains. I love everything you've chosen xo

  14. I went on my birthday last year and the amount of free stuff/bargains I got were INSANE!! Stuff was reduced from £200 to £50!! I'm going again this year too, might see you there, haha :)