Saturday, 7 January 2012

99p: Every eBayer's favourite number...

Leggings-Primark*T-Shirt-French Connection*Blazer jacket- vintage Karl Largerfeld*Snood-Primark
Hi derr gang. How is everyone? Well I've been the most typical Brit the past few days and have been watching Celebrity Big Brother. I think it's shaping up nicely this year, but I'm not gonna make any wild statements about who I like/who I think will win because inevitably by day three they'll do something unseemly. 
Today I just had a casual day running errands and such, so I went for a chilled-out look and colour scheme. My jacket is a vintage Karl Largerfeld that my sister picked up on ebay for 99p!!! Yes ladies and gent, for less than a quid, she got her mitts on a vintage Karl. Unfortunately for her she's teensy so it was way to big for her so I inherited! Love finding steals like that on ebay! Anyone else found something amazing for the golden 99p?

Anyways, I'm off to curl up in bed and dive into Red Mist, the latest novel from my HERO, Patricia Cornwell. It arrived from amazon today and I can't wait!

Drea xoxo


  1. love your jacket and it reminds me i need new snood!!

    style frontier

  2. Your jacket is gorgeous! great outfit x

  3. I literally can't believe this gorgeous blazer was 99p! What an amazing find! I definately need to check ebay out for some bargain vintage!
    Tilly M x

  4. Stunning outfit! :) Your scarf looks so cozy and cannot believe your Karl Largerfeld jacket was only... 99p! (Well, I actually don't know the exact value of 99p since I am from the US... but that sounds like SUCH a great deal! :D) That Primark shirt is too cute!


  5. wow! what a score! what a great price! you look lovely!

    <3 Zoe

  6. that blazer is an amazing find! x

  7. I can't believe you got that jacket for 99p! That's fricking crazy talk, I love it.

    Been watching celeb BB too...can't help myself haha x x