Sunday, 29 January 2012

Outfit Post: Ain't it a Shame.

*Dress-£30-Topshop*Cardigan-£10-Primark*Leopard print fur gilet-£15-Forever 21 sale*Faux sheep skin and leather bag-£25-Oli and Nic sale*Grey tights and cream socks-Primark*

*Lipstick- a mix of Illamasqua's "Encounter" and Kate Moss for Rimmel, shade 4*

Howdy troops, weekend been good? Today I went to the cinema (which I intend to become my Sunday ritual)  but more on that story later. Oh and excuse my leopard print slippers - I took these photographs when I got home and got into them straight away!
I'm actually in love with this gilet. Never saw myself as a gilet girl, but stranger things have happened. And this is like my go-to day dress, it comes with a brown skinny belt and I adore peter pan collars - this one is white lace.
The bag was reduced from £60 to £25 (!) and I got it from Oli and Nic in Canterbury last year.
I was in two minds about buying the lippy - I've heard good things about Kate Moss for Rimmel (my sister raves about a red shade) but I've never worn very dark lipstick before and there were no testers. It is incredible creamy and smooth, smell lovely and has good coverage, but I guess I need to get used to it! For now I wore it with a red over the top and it turned into a very deep plummy red. Naaaaice.

I picked up a few things in town (of course, this is me):

I got this painting of Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, James Dean and Elvis Presley for £10. It's such an odd bunch of people to have in one photo - they're not exactly the Rat Pack, you know? But I'm a HUGE Jimmy Dean fan, and I adore the others so it was necessary.

And guys, don't judge me on this one:

Yes. I bought a Jedward sweatshirt. It was like £4.50 and I love them so I regret nothing.

So the film I saw today was Shame, directed by Steve McQueen, starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan. 
A very intense, wonderfully shot film. Though I'm not surprised it didn't get ANY Oscar nominations (I mean I love The Oscars but they're a bit of a sham really), I feel it should have been nominated for Directing, Cinematography and Lead Actor. Carey Mulligan was also FABULOUS. Has anyone seen it? Thoughts? A few stills from the film (just look at the framing - glorious!)

And finally to round off this ridiculously long post, HELLO DERR to my newest followers!! I'm a couple off 50 and I'm actually very happy to have all of you running around in my junkyard! I'm thinking of doing a giveaway when I get to 50... do people do giveaways when they get to 50? I'm just so damn excited, y'all.


Drea xoxo

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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Outfit Post: Spring Things.

Mint green jumper-99p-Vintage from eBay*Floral skirt-£12-COW Vintage, Birmingham*Pink tights-Primark*Shoes-£11-New Look

Aloha wunderkins. How's everyone's week's been? We've have an awful lot of rain the past few days, so I tried to brighten myself up with some spring colours!
I bought this jumper a few months ago - it's an 80s vintage piece that I got for a for a total bargain on eBay. And I love this skirt, another vintage item I bought a year ago from the superb COW vintage in Birmingham, which I'm glad to see sell online now!
Sorry about the increasingly dodgy photographs, my camera is doing some strange things - I should have my new one soon!

What's the weather like where you are? (YES, I'm a typical Brit, making weather conversation!!)

Drea xoxo

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Hey kids, how everyone's weekends been?
Well mine was pretty quiet, although I did go to see J Edgar, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, directed by Clint Eastwood and written by Dustin Lance Black. Winning formula, right? Hmm...
I dunno, it was just a little... confusing or something. I felt like it focused too much on some things, and not enough on others. Leo was fab, though (of course). I guess I wasn't too surprised when it got a big fat SNUB at the Oscars - See the nominations HERE.
Anywhooos, it's been back and forth from gloriously sunny to miserably grey over the past few days on the Emerald Isle, but I'm ready to embrace spring! Here are a few images and collections that have got me excited about Spring!
Does anyone know where this skirt is from? It's amazing!

Wildfox S/S12 campaign - who doesn't love this lookbook?


Lagos Fashion Week Spring last year

I'm obsessed with YSL perfume - this fragrance is perfect for spring - so floral!

One Vintage

Miu Miu

Gardenias - my favourite spring time smell

Zara S/S12 - Very Chloe Sevigny

Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby. I loved her costumes in this film - pastels, shift dresses, ballet flats. For a film so morbid, her outfits were very pretty!

Proenza S/S12

Henry Holland @ Urban Outfitters

New collection at Monki

I took this in Nigeria a few years ago - LUSH!!

What's everyone's favourite thing about Spring?
Drea xoxo

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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Casual Saturday and London Fashion Weekend!

T-Shirt-£12-Forever 21*Shorts-£10-Primark*Leggings-Primark

Hi-hi-hi. Today I ran a few errands in town, going to the salon etc. As a reward for enduring the most painful wax of my LIFE (seriously, I don't know what happened there!) I went on a MEGA spending spree iiiiin Primark. I dropped some serious dollar (£21.50 to be exact):

2 each

Black jumper reduced to €3

Stripey jumper reduced to €4

Sunglasses €1.50 and leopard earrings reduced to €1!

I got a few other bits and bobbins like eyelashes and €1 vests. Gotta love the €1 rail in Primark (or Penny's as they call it in Ireland - I still find this strange).

On a different note, calling all Londoners*!!!

*and surrounding counties of course!

Literally squealed in delight when I realized I'd be back in London for this! The tickets are a tad pricey (£40 for a goodie bag, discounted shopping, and 40min catwalk show) but I must go!! Will probably go it alone, but if anyone out there is attending let me know and we can, ya know, hang out and junk :)

Go have a look HERE.

I also should have my beautiful new bridge camera by then, as this bad boy is on its last legs!

So, who's gonna go to the London Fashion Weekend??

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Friday, 20 January 2012

Negative Creep.

Leopard fur vest-£30-Forever 21 Sale*Brown Cardigan-£12-Primark*Leggings-Primark*Socks-Primark-Boots-£24-ASOS sale


*Kurt Cobain T-Shirt-£10-ASOS*

Aloha loverrrs, hows everyone been? I wore this today to uni. It was another drizzly day in Galway but not cold enough for my massive parka so I just shoved a beanie hat over my hair on the way in!
How cute is this shirt? I bought it like years ago, I am a MASSIVE Nirvana fan, I have all of their albums, Singles, B Sides, coffee table books... Safe to say Kurt's earned the place to lie on my chest all day!

Negative Creep - one of my favourite Nirvana songs:

Oh and one other big thing that's happened recently: I've deleted Facebook! It sounds like no big deal, but believe me it is for me! I've been wanting to get rid of it for some time but I kept putting it off - feel so liberated! I'm not saying I'll never go back to it, but I need some time away from it (plus, I've still got Twitter so all is not lost!) I will also dedicate WAY more time to blogging!

How do you guys feel about Facebook?

Drea xoxo

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Inspirations: Chloe Sevingny

Chloe's collaboration with Opening Ceremony

I adore Chloe Sevigny. As crazy as this sounds, there is literally nothing I dislike about her and her style. What I love so much about her is her dedication to both fashion and film (yeah, I'm a film student - can you tell?!) It's as if each filmmaker hand picks her for their role and when she's not designing wardrobe herself (Gummo) she seems to attract these characters with quirky, mannish, motifs. Most of my favourite women have an androgyny about them - an androgyny that's grounded in femininity. [see Alison Mosshart]. 

Her wardrobe: shift dresses, boxy over sized jackets, leather leather leather!
Where to find her: Hanging out in Greenwich village or the East Village, Manhattan.
Who she's with: New York hipster elite Lesley Arfin and Leigh Lezark. Or a beautiful bearded man on her arm.

Soft colours and fabric, but with her distinctive straight lines shape.

Boxy jacket and bare legs - Chloe loves denim and black boots!

Chloe designing for Opening Ceremony - A lot of her collections influenced by fetishism, S&M, latex, leather.

Most recent collection for Opening Ceremony - the leather suspender's inspipred ra-ra skirt.
Opening Ceremony. Leather bloomers!

Chloe's been rocking the granny-chic for a while now! (bonus points for spotting the Baldwin in the picture!) 

 Chloe's East village apartment. More pictures here.

Chloe in Kids, 1995. Her film debut, 90's tomboy teen.

Chloe in Boy's Don't Cry, 1999. Academy award nominted. Small town chic.

Chloe in Gummo, 1997 (centre). Fashion designer on this picture. Bleached out nihilism.

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