Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Kooples.

So today I had a second attempt at post-Christmas shopping at Westfields Stratford City, London. I am in LOVE with Westfields. It's so near me and cuts down on the amount of Oxford Circus trekking I'll have to do. They literally have every store. Well, that's a lie, they don't have French Connection (wtf?) and American Apparel (fair enough), but it's still bloody marvelous! I'll do an extra long post of all the swag I bagged at rock bottom prices (I bought like 10 things at Primark and only spent £17!)

ANYWAY, one very special thing about Westfields is they have The Kooples. I have admired The Kooples through cyberspace for a while now; their pared down aesthetic, clean lines, androgynous motif, and super sexy-cool couples-cum-models. I practically ran across the shopping centre when I spotted the store.

The clothes are gorgeous! I love their colours (navy, burgundy, oat, mahogany, chocolate) and this season's clothes have a Cowboy theme - denim shirts, bolo ties, cowboy ankle boots. What more is they have a sale on pretty much everything in store. I was clutching onto this sexy t-shirt:
Which was reduced down from £68 to £54. Unfortunately enough for me, I'd already done serious damage to my credit card earlier so I had to leave this beauty behind, but I might have to venture back and rescue it...