Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Homemade Apple Spiced Granola #HealthyWeek | Home & Health

Hello! So as I mentioned in my last post, I'm doing a series of posts on healthy eating and living. Today I'm sharing with you one of my tried and tested granola recipes - Gluten Free, Vegan Spiced Apple Granola. I started making my own granola about a year ago, and it is so easy I never looked back. Gone are the overpriced store bought kind, loaded with sugar and flavour enhancers - no thank you! The best thing about making your own stuff is the recipe combinations are endless - I just made up a batch of fig and peach granola spiced with fresh ginger and cinnamon - probably my best yet! You can also add in all your favourite powders and superfoods to get the most benefits. 

This is gluten-free and vegan. The recipe is super simple but where I can I'll offer alternative ingredients if you're struggling to find some of these in your pantry (alternatives may not be GF or vegan)

3 cups plain gluten free oats (or a museli base like this Holland & Barrett one, containing oats, wheat flakes, barley and rye)
1 cup mixed nuts 
1/2 cup mixed seeds
3 tablespoons coconut oil, melted (try olive, rapeseed or canola if coconut isn't your thing)
3 tablespoons maple syrup (sub honey, brown rice syrup or agave)
Pinch sea salt

EXTRAS (get creative with these ingredients, but here's what I used)
1 green apple
2 teaspoons cinnamon 
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon lucuma powder
1 tablespoon soy bran

1. Set your oven to a low setting (around 100C if it goes that low). Add all the dry ingredients (oats, nuts, seeds, cinnamon, bran, lucuma and salt) into a bowl and combine.
Lucuma powder was a Holland & Barrett discovery a while ago. It's a South American powder that has a delicious sweet malty flavour - it's great to add to smoothies or ice creams or in baking. I like to add in a bran to boost the fibre content, it also adds a subtle nutty flavour.

2. Chop your apple into fairly uniform cubes. You'll be dehydrating these in the oven so try and make them all the same size so they dry evenly! Add into the dry ingredients and combine.

3. Melt your coconut oil and add in the syrup and vanilla extract. You can hear me wax lyrical about coconut oil on a previous post dedicated to the stuff. 

4. Add to the dry ingredients and combine well., making sure everything is coated. 

5. Spread onto a large baking tray. Try to get an even layer so it will toast evenly.

6. Bake for approx 40mins - 1 hour. Check every 15 minutes or so, turning the granola to make sure it browns. Depending on how crunchy you want your granola to be, leave in for less or more. Remember that it'll harden as it cools.

7. Let cool completely before transferring to an airtight container. Eat within two weeks when it's at it freshest.

That's it! Enjoy with yoghurt, mixed berries and a little more syrup, or go for it with almond milk and bananas, or have it on its own as a snack!

Once you've given this one a shot, play around and try some of these ingredients!
- Fresh peaches, pineapples, figs
- Nutmeg, cardamom 
- Coconut sugar
- Cooked quinoa (gives it a delicious chewy texture!)
- Peanut butter
- Mashed Bananas
- Grated carrots
To add after toasting
- Desiccated coconut
-Dried fruits - sultanas, raisins, figs
- Banana chips 
- Chia Seeds

Let me know if you would like recipes for my other flavour combos:
Peach, Fig and Ginger
Carrot Cake
Peanut Butter and Banana 

Have you guys tried making granola? What flavours do you go for?

Drea xo

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

All About Health + Bimuno #HealthyWeek | Home & Health

How has everyone been? I won't bore you with the details of my life, but suffice to say it's been a little busy workwise! (check out my instagram @dreaogunbadejo for more on that).

I've also over the past couple of weeks decided to step up my health game by going to a bunch of gym classes all over London BUT more on that later. As luck would have it, I was contacted by Bimuno Prebiotics - a company all about digestive health. They asked if I wanted to give one of their products a try, and it seemed like a great fit for what I'm working on health wise!

What I'll be trialing is their product Immunaid* - a prebiotic that feeds the good bacteria in your gut and give you an immune system boost. As I have IBS, I'm always looking for new products to help soothe my stomach and balance acids and bacterias. Once I've given it a full try I'll let you know how I get on!

Anyone have any tips for maintaining good digestive health? So far all I have is wheat + dairy = bad!

I'm doing a series of posts to talk about different health & fitness topics for the next week or so, so let me know if you guys want me to talk about anything in particular!

Drea xo

*Item will be sent for review. All opinions will be my own.

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Huge ELF Haul! | Fashion & Beauty

So hey guys! Today I have an ELF haul, because they've been having an absolutely ridic sale and I was in need want of new make up so I went. A little. Crazy. On with the haul!

Edit: Sooo whilst trying to find the products I've featured here I made a discovery. As it turns out the reason for the ridic sale is that ELF's UK distribution has stopped, so no ELF in the UK for a while! Apparently they'll be up and running again in a few months, so this one might be more for my US readers, or for UK lovelies to put a few things on their wishlist for later! There's still some items left in the sale though guys!


Flawless Finish Foundation in Almond
I had a little play around with this earlier and I'm getting on with it! I have NEVER found a high street foundation that matched my skin (I wear YSL Touche Eclait Foundation in BD60) but this one seems to be a hit. I'd say it's a fair few shades darker than my skin but blends in really well and leaves me dewy. Couldn't ask for anything more.

Personal Blend Foundation in Dark
This is a pretty cool product, it's a mineral foundation that comes with 4 different shades, and you can tap out a blend to suit your skin tone. I used it more as a setting powder once I'd done my foundation and it seems to be working well. I might use the darker shades as a subtle contour too.

Tinted Moisturizer in Spice
I wanted to experiment with tinted moisturizers as I've never really used them much, I'm definitely an all-or-nothing girl - full foundation or no face make up at all. Hoping to use this to bridge the gap for lighter days!

Studio Tinted Moisturizer in Sand
Another tinted moisturizer I wanted to give a try. I actually played around with this today - I applied a little with my fingers and it has a really pretty, light coverage - more coverage than I thought it would actually. I used it as my base, putting the flawless finish foundation on top and so far so good!


Studio Cream Blusher in Tease
I'm a big fan of a good cream blusher, and this one seems really soft, pretty and subtle - perfect for spring!

Mineral Blush in Plum
I've never used the mineral blushers from ELF, but I've been on the lookout for a warmer, deeper blush as I'm usually a pink kinda gal.

HD Blush in Diva and Showstopper
Wowza! Don't these look amazing! I'm super interested to see how this wonderful purple shade will turn out (a little scared maybe?) I tried out Diva, the fuchsia shade and it is gorge! I blended it in with my ELF stippling brush but warning - a very very little bit goes a long way! I'm talking an actual dot. For both cheeks. 


Mineral Eyeshadow in Golden
Can one ever go wrong with a shimmery gold eye shadow? I think not.

Mineral Lip Gloss in Fierce and Bare
I'm generally pretty impressed with ELF lip products - these two looks pretty wearable and everyday. I tried out Bare and it's lovely and semi sheer - would look great over a lipstick for a build of colour.


 Pointed Foundation Brush
I'm not quite sure why I bought this... Oh! I think I was thinking to use it for under eye concealer. For my foundation I prefer something with a bit more buffing action. The pointed tip suggests it'll help me get right into the hollow of my eyes.

And that's yer lot! Any new make up purchases from you guys? 

Drea xo

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

TV - What I'm Looking Forward to in 2015 | Film & Producing

Hello! So I'm quite clearly TV obsessed, and quite unashamedly so. This year sees the return of some of my favourite shows, the conclusion of others and some brand new shows that have piqued my interest. I've tried to trim it down a little, but obviously as we've discussed, I'm obsessed. Anyway, on with the list!


The Good Wife - January

The Good Wife is back after its Christmas break! Season 6 has been pretty intense 
so far, can't wait to see where the writers are going to take it over the rest of this season.

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My Week #3 | Film and Producing

Hello! So the title of this is just a complete an utter lie, I'ma tell you that now. By "My Week" I mean my month, but for the sake of consistency (see My Week #1 and My Week #2) I thought I'd lie through my teeth in the title. So sue me. Anyway, this was all from late last year so you may have seen one or two of them in my 2014 Year wrap up. On with the photographs!

I was interviewed by my friend for her YouTube channel The Uhura Zulu Show where she interviews people about their careers. We chatted about my work as a film producer, what I had planned for the next year and a little about this blog! It's not live yet but check out a similar print interview I did over on the lovely Daisy's blog, Pretty Green Tea!

You know when you just desperately need a Mexican feast and nothing else will do? That.

This stuff is the best! Miracle Matcha's White tea matcha latte, made with soy milk and a little syrup and sprinkling of cinnamon - YUM!

Getting ready for the premiere of the feature film I produced, The Journey. Definitely should not have left the dress decision to the last minute! Went with the sequined number that I picked up from Topshop ages ago!

The premiere was an absolutely incredible night, here are all the cast and crew front and centre before the film began (you can kind of see me, well my hair anyway, in the back row behind the two lovely blonde ladies).

The good thing about living in Essex is the greenery that is just about everywhere. This is just outside my house and thought it looked super pretty!

Spent the day freelancing for a production company, so weird being in someone else's offices! It was super fun though, and more importantly they brought me chocolate biscuits. 

On the train heading up to Hemel Hempstead for a one day film shoot. I loved this book, hadn't read any A M Homes before this and I gotta say she's pretty darn good!

Always love being on a film set!

Opening up my very special package from Cafe de Bain, thanks guys!

This time it's a green tea matcha latte - made for me by my film partner Adrien, because what is a meeting without super fancy drinks?

Heading out for dinner with my sister and parents at a family friends house. Channeling my inner 60s girl with my hair and make up.

Sometimes all you want to buy is citrus. And that is what I did.

Makin' cranberry sauce. It is the easiest thing in the world to make by the way so no excuses not to have the homemade stuff next year!

And finally, showing off this little candle that I recycled - I bought one from Primark a couple months ago, finished it, and made a new one with the leftover wax, soy wax and essential oils - this one is lavender, lemongrass and eucalyptus (you can tell I made this myself with that dodgy wick placement!)

What have you guys been up to?

Drea xo

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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Favourite people of 2014

Hello! So because I'm living in the past I thought I'd do a little look back on my favourite public figures of 2014. Now, this list is by no means exhaustive, and of course does not include those humans who are always on my Favourites List - Thom Yorke, Edward Norton, Scorsese et al - but I focused on people I only discovered last year, or formed an immovable connection with (I form connections through Netflix, so sue me). And granted this list is rather TV/Film heavy, but hey what do you expect from a film producer? On with the list.

Shonda Rhimes creator of Grey's Anatomy Scandal and How to get away with Murder

Shonda Rhimes

Where do I start with this wonderful woman? If for some reason you don't know her name, you sure as hell watch one of her shows. Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder. Yes. This woman created some of the most compelling television last year and continues to completely dominate network TV - her three shows are shown back-to-back-to-back on ABC on a Thursday between 8-11pm which is network TV's most important slot. I do believe she is the first Black female showrunner (creator/exec producer of a TV show) and she is kicking some serious ass. I salute you, Shonda!

Actress Vera Farmiga star of Bates Motel

Vera Farmiga


So I first became a fan of this lady waaay back in 2006 when she played Madolyn in my favourite film of all time The Departed. But it was when I start watching Bates Motel, a modern set prequel of the Hitchcock classic Pyscho did I really fall in all kinds of love for her. She plays Norma Bates and BOY does she play her. If you've never watched Bates Motel I suggest you do (season 1 is on Netflix so no excuses!) 

Devon Sawa

Okay maybe this is cheating. I've loved Devon Sawa since this and this. But he pretty much shot to the top of my favourites list last year when I started watching CW show Nikita where plays a pretty badass ex-assassin. Plus he's a funny tweeter

Amma Asante Director of film Belle

Amma Asante

Amma Asante directed an absolutely gorgeous film Belle, about the illegitimate mixed-race daughter of a British Royal Navy Admiral during the British slave trade. This film was a phenomenal success both in the UK and the US and Ms. Asante is currently working on her follow-up - a US Studio produced feature. With Belle being just her second film, I am so unbelievably excited to see what comes next!

Shawn Hatosy 


Ah Shawn. This is another little cheat, because I've been on the Hatosy-Bandwagon since Alpha Dog. But it was his turn as Sammy Bryant in one of my all time favourite TV shows Southlandwhich I absolutely devoured in a matter of weeks, that really made me dig this guy. He is unbelievably talented and we have another funny tweeter on our hands.  

Richard Ayoade 


I totally don't even need a reason for this one, but I'll give you one. THE DOUBLE. Oh and I saw him on South Molton St in London last year looking rather dapper. So there's two. 


Hayley Marie Norman - For thisActor
Azealia Banks - For this. Musician
Hatty Ashdown - For this. Comedian/Writer
Sasha Wilkins - For this. Blogger
Emma Dabiri - For this, Writer
Zeba Blay and Fariha Roisin (Two Brown Girls) - For this. Podcasters/Writers

Who were some of your favourite people last year?
Drea xo

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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 Wrap Up - A Year in Pictures

Hello! Whew what a year 2014 has been! For me it's been a pretty good year, and by pretty good I mean a really fucking good'un and after a couple rough ones I can truly say I'm ringing in the new year happy, positive and looking forward to 2015.
So from marriages to career changes, seeing idols and old friends here's to you 2014! Pictures after the jump.

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