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New Product Alert! Café de Bain Shower Cremes | Fashion and Beauty

Superdrug Cafe de Bain Shower Cremes
 Hello! Now you may remember a few weeks ago I posted about the Café de Bain range in my essentials haul - I spied a lovely looking bubble bath in Superdrug and it consequently produced the most gorgeous tub of bubbles when I tried it out. The lovely folks at Café de Bain sent me over a couple of their shower cremes to try (as well as a lil something else to review - watch this space!)
Superdrug Cafe de Bain Shower Cremes

Café de Bain has just been launched in Superdrug and Waitrose, and at the moment is a small range of bubble baths and shower cremes in delicious scents like Sweet Vanilla Madelene and Coconut Macaron, but there are plans to expand (which I must say I'm pretty excited about). Anyway, on with the review!

Cafe de Bain Shower Cremes

Superdrug Cafe de Bain Shower Creme in Cherry and Almond Frangipane
Café de Bain Shower Creme in Cherry & Almond Frangipane* (Shower creme sold out on Superdrug website, link to the bath creme)

Superdrug Cafe de Bain Shower Creme in Raspberry and Rose Creme Tarte
Café de Bain Shower Creme in Raspberry and Rose Creme Tarte*

I can't quite describe how good these smell. I mean, like a seriously addictive, keep flipping the top off and grabbing a sniff addictive. They really do smell like they're suppose to - the Raspberry Rose has a real sharp tartness from the raspberry and the sweet warmth of rose, and the Cherry Almond has that ground almond marzipan sweetness and mellow cherry. The thing I noticed too was the scent lingers - not in an overpowering way, it won't clash with your perfume, but that lovely sweetness will stay with you. I really hope when they expand the range the introduce body butters - how gorgeous would that be!
I do find that they don't lather up tons on their own, so I would recommended using this with a body puff or loofah if you're a bubble junkie like me!

They're on offer in Superdrug at the moment so stock up folks!

Have you tried anything from this range? What's your favourite shower product right now?

Drea xo

* PR Sample
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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Non-Girly Girl's Guide to Girly Movies | Film & Producing

Girly. What does that word really mean? Who exactly is the intended demographic when one uses the word girly? Women are complex creatures, and to reduce them into the girly or tomboy category has made little sense to me, but for argument's sake let's take Hollywood's stance on female viewership - we love chick flicks. I'm generally not a genre person at all, but I'd probably list chick flicks among my least favourite. But when I do find myself gravitating towards the genre, I can't quite work out why. Is it because of an actress I was particularly fond of? A new fresh spin on the genre? Who knows, but if you're like me and tend to steer well clear of the "tearjerker" category on Netflix, why not give these a try?

The Classic
Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1961, Blake Edwards.
This film is such a delight. Though I'm sure most of you know it well, Breakfast at Tiffany's follows the escapades of New York Socialite and gal about town, Holly Golightly as she tried to snag herself a millionaire, whilst being chased by hapless writer, and categorically non-millionaire Paul Varjak. I'm a big fan of the sixties and seventies, and this film captures it all. Plues it's based on a novella by Truman Capote, so you know it's good.

Sleepover Fodder
Legally Blonde, 2001, Robert Luketic
Ditzy blonde Elle Woods proves all her critics wrong, including her ex boyfriend who unceremoniously dumps her, by snagging a place at Harvard Law School "What like it's hard?!" she famously says. Elle shakes up the stuffy Harvard halls and shows her peers that you can be smart and pretty. Like, duh! Super fun, super silly, and one of my favourite Reese Witherspoon roles!

The Brit Flick

Bridget Jones's Diary, 2001, Sharon Maguire
I think this film has to be my favourite of all the chick flick kingdom. Bridget is a 30 something singleton who after many failed romantic encounters, decides to shake up her life - she quits, booze, cigarettes and hits the gym. Rennée Zellweger is perfect as Bridget, and written by the king of British Rom-Coms Richard Curtis (Notting Hill, Love Actually) how can you go wrong?

The Christmas Film
Home Alone, 1990, Chris Colombus
Though not a Rom-Com, I've never been a big Christmas movie lover either. That is, apart from Home Alone. Where do I even start with this film? Perfect writing, perfect casting (Joe Pesci as the villain anyone?), and written by none other than 80s hero John Hughes (The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day off) and what a plot - family vacation to Paris, 8 year old kid accidentally left at home, must defend home against robbers. I loved this when I was young, and I still do. 

The Teen Flick
The Craft, 1996, Andrew Fleming
I fell in love with this film when I watched it at a sleepover when I was about 10. It has everything you could ever ask for from a teen flick - high school drama, the new girl, bitchy ringleader and... witches? Oh and Neve Campbell. What 90s teen film is complete without Neve Campbell?

The Tearjerker
August Osage County, 2013, John Wells
I watched this fairly recently and I was totally gripped from beginning to end. Firstly, take a look at that cast - Meryl, Ewan, Juliette and in my opinion the best performance from Julia Roberts I've ever seen and the film's standout (which against Meryl Streep is pretty hard to do). This is a real family saga, lifting the lid behind a dysfunction family who come together over tragic circumstances. This is a blackly funny, moody film, which has me crying buckets at the end. You can really tell this is based on a play (by Tracey Lett's) as it has that slow moving, claustrophobic feel to it a lot of play adaptations have. 

Have you guys seen any of these? What are some of your favourite films?

Drea xo

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Book Salon with LibertyLondonGirl and Kate Spade | Books, Music & Culture

LibertyLondonGirl Kate Spade Cookery Salon
Hello! As I mentioned in My Week roundup, a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a very special event - The Cookery Book Salon with Sasha Wilkins aka LibertyLondonGirl at Kate Spade, to celebrate the release of her new recipe book, Friends, Food, Family.  

LibertyLondonGirl Kate Spade Cookery Salon

LibertyLondonGirl Kate Spade Cookery Salon

LibertyLondonGirl Kate Spade Cookery Salon
It was a cool and crisp November evening, and we were ushering inside the Kate Spade flagship in Covent Garden, stashed away along a small side street. We were met with champagne, cocktails and delicious canapes, all recipes coming from Sasha's book. 

LibertyLondonGirl Kate Spade Cookery Salon

LibertyLondonGirl Kate Spade Cookery Salon

LibertyLondonGirl Kate Spade Cookery Salon

LibertyLondonGirl Kate Spade Cookery Salon
We were left to roam the store, taking in all the gorgeous pieces from Kate Spade, and gently reminded by the wonderful staff that we had 20% off any purchases that evening. There were some stunning pieces - watches, bags, purses and of course the much coveted Kate Spade phone cases. After some time we were ushered downstairs for the main event.

LibertyLondonGirl Kate Spade Cookery Salon

LibertyLondonGirl Kate Spade Cookery Salon

LibertyLondonGirl Kate Spade Cookery Salon
Sasha, looking gorgeous in a Kate Spade dress, talked us through some of her favourite cookery books, from Delia to Charles Phan (complete list here) before opening up to the audience to share their favourites. I shared with the group one of my favourite cookbooks, Thai Cookery Secrets by Kris Dhillon, which I picked up for 50p at a jumble sale.

Friends, Food Family by Sasha Wilkins

Friends, Food Family by Sasha Wilkins
Once I got home, still woozy from the cocktails, it was straight to bed to flick through the book of the hour (which Sasha was kind enough to sign). This has already shot to somewhere near the top of my favourite cookery books list. Full of anecdotes and stories, it's more than just a recipe book - it really brings the joy out of cooking, and the pleasure of sharing your favourite recipes with others! 

I can't wait to make something from this, I have my eye on the mozzarella fried gnocchi for starters!

Have you picked up Sasha's book yet? What are some of your favourite cook books/recipes?  

Drea xo

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

My Week #2 | Film and Producing

So In typical Drea fashion, I decided I wanted My Week to be a regular feature on my blog, but haven't done one in about a month. For shame. Anyway I decided to to soldier on and post a set of pictures from a few weeks ago, hoping to catch up somewhere along the way to fall back in sync. Take a look at what a typical week looks like for a film producer!

In unrelated news, I opened up a little eBay shop, Vintage Wonderland, so check that out if your get the chance!

Budgets budgets budgets! I use Sunday evenings for catching up on last bits of work, sorting out my diary for the next week and planning Blog posts - the Make Up Revolution bits were included in my essentials haul.

Monday morning means meeting! Sippin' on some Earl Grey tea.

 It's never too early for a little Christmas baking amiright?

Meeting with my CWO Films team, fueled by homemade Matcha lattes and juices!

Dinner was a new recipe I was trying out - Stir fry noodles with chicken in a kale pesto. Most definitely sharing this recipe with you guys it was deeelish!

Heading up to central London for another meeting, reading probably my favourite book I've read all year, Brightness Falls, by Jay McInerney. 


During my boredom, I realised that this polish is something quite special. Part of my Make Up Revolution haul, this beauty is £1 and ONE COAT. I mean wow, talk about value for money. Buy it here.

That evening I decided to take on the mammoth task of reorganising my parents bookcase. I've got two bookcases in my room which I'm forever rejigging so I decided it was time to take on the motherload.

Baking time! Made some peanut butter fudge brownies with a white chocolate marble. Recipe anyone?


Thursday evening saw the much anticipated Cookery Salon with Sasha Wilkins aka LibertyLondonGirl at Kate Spade for her new recipe book, Friends, Food, Family. It was such a lovely event, which I plan on posting about separately. Once I got home, full of cocktails and champagne I curled up in bed and did a little reading!

Off for another meeting first thing in the morning on the other side of town. Oh West London, y u so far away?

Hot footed it back across town to Hashe8, a breakfast and brunch bar in Dalston. The food. I DIE. I had this insane pig muffin contraption with sausage, bacon, eggs a hash brown and as if that wasn't enough, my pal Charlene and I split a Nutella and Banana French toastie. I need to go back there. Immediately.

Decided to start the day slightly healthier than the previous, with some porridge, topped with chia and mixed seeds, blueberries, raspberries and a little honey all while catching up on Homeland.

Is there anything more luxurious than an afternoon bath? Testing out Cafe de Bain's Sweet Vanilla Madelene bubble bath and it was quite a treat!

Sunday mornings are for pancakes. Don't think anyone would argue that. I make mine with freshly ground oat flour.

That about sums it up! I'll be posting another of these next week, as I love taking snaps of things I get up to! What have you guys been up to the past few weeks?

Drea xo

Friday, 21 November 2014

Top Five Autumn Lipsticks... The Reds | Fashion & Beauty

Hello! So this is kind of like a companion piece to my Five Autumn Nails post from a few weeks ago: I'm doing a round up of my favourite lipsticks for the autumn season, and where better to start then with the reds. There's something so perfect about a red lip this time of year. Whether you're stalking the streets of Dalston in a leopard print fur and jet black skinnies, or strolling down South Molton Street leaving a fresh red imprint on your takeaway Starbucks cup, there's a shade of red for every gal. All my picks are high street friendly, from Rimmel to MUA to everybody's new favourite, Make Up Revolution.
 Actually on that note, Superdrug in Stratford Westfield really need to step up their game - I was in there today browsing (Read:looking to drop some ££ on make up) and they didn't have a Make Up Rev stand! They seriously need a Feng Shui-cum-visual merchandising genuis to bring that place out of the nineties - drabbest Superdrug ever!
Anyway, on with the reds!

Left to right (above and below):

elf Matte Lip Color in Rich Red
This looks slightly more glossy than it really is. It's a great matte formula without being too drying or flaky. The handy pen style makes it easy to chuck in a bag and omits the need for a lip liner. A true red shade, without any brassiness and has pretty good lasting power for a £3.50 lippy.

What Autumn lipstick countdown would be complete without this little beauty. This became the biggest thing to ever hit the make up stratosphere a few years ago and is still reining supreme. Here's a little story. Years ago I went to see The Kills live, and as I'm thrashing and singing away, I look up to the VIP section and see Kate Moss (Kills guitarist Jamie Hince's then girlfriend, now wife). Apart from the fan-girl moment, I was absolutely obsessed with her lipstick shade - a warm, deep raspberry. I then went on a hunt for a shade similar, trying endless different brands and shades all to no avail. About six months later I see the advert for the brand new Kate Moss Matte shades on TV and what do you know? MY SHADE! Was it definitely the shade I saw her wearing that day? Who knows, but it was damn close. I then scavenged a total of three Boots and two Superdrugs before I found it. It's been my staple ever since. Moral of this story: Kate Moss is awesome.

MUA Lipstick in shade 13
This is a gorgeous pinky-red that as you can see has a lot of slip to it. Okay so maybe this won't survive three glasses of champagne and as many canapés as you can manage, but it's a super pretty shade, and as long as this can fit in your clutch it's still useful this party season. And it's £1! 

You may recall I included this little baby in my haul and after trying it out a few times I'm pretty  darn happy with it. A true red, with enough orange tones to make it pop without crossing over into brassy. Another £1 miracle, this lippy will definitely find its way into my regular rotation.

I picked this lipstick up on a whim from Fragrance Direct a year or so ago, mainly because it was £1.99. Can you tell I like a bargain? Anyway I was pleasantly surprised - super creamy (as the name would suggest), conditioning and long lasting. This is another pink toned red, so will complement a multitude of outfits

What reds are guys loving at the moment? Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of my autumn lipstick picks!

Drea xo